Based on a true story.

Once upon a time, an older unmarried teenage girl miscarried her baby halfway through her pregnancy and was very sad.

Her mother told everyone that she was just thankful because she would have ended up raising the child since her daughter wasn’t responsible enough to be a mother yet.

Her ex boyfriend told everyone he was thankful he wouldn’t have to pay child support.

Her father told everyone that it was a good mistake for her to learn from. It would teach her many incredibly important life lessons.

Her aunt told everyone that she guessed it happened because she was most likely using drugs again.

Her older sister told everyone that she wouldn’t have known what she would do if her little sister had a baby before she did. After all, she had been trying for years with her husband.

Her younger sister told everyone that it was probably caused by the stress of everyone telling her what to do with the baby once it was born.

Her pastor told his congregation that the Lord works in mysterious ways to bring about His greater purposes.

Her grandmother told everyone that such things never would have happened when she was younger.

Her best friend told everyone she was just glad that their friendship could keep going on as it always had.

A girl from her school said it was “what she got for being a whore.”

Her brother told everyone that his sister wasn’t ready to raise a child anyway. She needed to live her life and grow up. “A baby would never let her do that,” he told people.

Her uncle told everyone that he didn’t really care one way or the other.

One of her neighbors told another neighbor that it was because God was too loving to put a child into a home like that with a mother like that.

Another neighbor told her mother that sometimes blessings come in the strangest forms.

Her grandfather told everyone that she shouldn’t have been messin’ around with such sacred powers to begin with.

A woman she didn’t know posted on her mother’s Facebook page that she had really been hoping for the baby to be born so that a family somewhere could finally adopt the baby they had been praying for.

Another woman she barely knew posted an image on her Facebook wall that said, “Cheer up. Tomorrow is always a new day.”

Many more people said many more things about why it happened, why it was good, or why it was bad.

Many more people said many more things.

And the girl who lost her baby was very sad.

She loved that baby.

And she was sad.

But she was an unmarried older teenage girl with a troubled past, so that didn’t really matter.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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