“The only time I have ever felt insecure was when I was with someone who constantly talked about how awful her own body was. I suppose it’s because I often date very pretty women, and if they think their body is gross, my God, what are they going to think about mine?”

That was a paragraph that caused me some grief on my Let’s just get naked post last week.

Can you guess which line in particular?

If you guessed this one, you’re correct:

“I often date very pretty women…”

Almost all of the flare-ups in the comments (which, granted, weren’t too many) were talking about what a jerk I was to only date skinny airbrush quality younger women.

Let me tell you five stories. And yes, I’m in a slightly cantankerous mood today. It happens, even to sprinkly cupcake lovers like me.

Story #1:

“She’s not very cute,” my friend told me after I showed him a picture of a very pretty girl I was going on a date with the next day.

“Dude, I don’t care. She’s hot to me,” I told him as we sipped our beers.

The end.

Story #2:

A while back, I really liked this very pretty girl. We had been on a few dates. Had gotten intimate. I thought she was gorgeous. She made me laugh. She was a dedicated mom. Successful in her career. The complete package. She eventually decided she wasn’t interested in me and we went our separate ways.

She was probably a size 18.

The end.

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