dan-pearce“You been getting fatter, boy?”

My late grandpa used to say that to me when I was an ever, ahem, horizontally growing preteen.

I’d hold onto a grudge for that, but I just barely felt like saying that to the almost 3,000 word blog post I just word vomited into a new document. “You been getting fatter, boy?” It was my update for all of you on how everything has been going since I came to all of you asking for your help to save this blog from the changing times a little over a month ago.

The whole thing was a lot of fat rolls and muffin top and all it really said was this:

1) You guys clicking “like” on Facebook has made all the difference and I’m so appreciative that you still are doing it. So thank you.

2) Another couple legs have been knocked out from under Single Dad Laughing since I wrote this. It’s been fun dealing with it. Like, hug a giant rusty razor blade kind of fun. I really can’t believe how fast the entire environment is changing right now for me as a professional blogger and for bloggers everywhere. I may have had better luck opening a Hollywood Video right before RedBox and Netflix came around.

3) Things will go on as usual around here, but I’m going to start working on other ventures too, because I have to come to grips with the fact that I won’t always be able to do this as a full time career due to the rapidly changing environment that will probably one day knock those final legs out from under it and turn this once and for all back into a hobby.

4) I may need to disappear for a couple days occasionally as I build some side avenues of income (for example, I’m working on a new app, and to become a personal trainer), but not to worry because I’m not going anywhere. I just gotta make sure I’m always providing for my kiddo, you know?

5) I’m excited as all get up right now. As much as the winds of change can be scary and are scary, all of this has gotten me really excited the last few months about building some other things, chasing some other dreams, and reaching some other goals that I’ve been putting off.

That’s all. And you can see why saying all that in 3,000 words maybe wasn’t completely necessary.

So please, continue to like and share my stuff if you wouldn’t mind. I’ll continue bringing you effing fantastic blog content. And together we shall find a way to rule the world.

Oh, sorry. Been watching Pinky and the Brain with Noah. But yeah, you know what I’m saying.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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