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Speaking of “Say Something,” This Kid *Really* Gets It

Hahaha. This child having an *emotional moment* to "Say Something" was way too cute/sweet/funny/awesome not to share, especially after this morning's blog post.

Say Something, I’m Giving Up On You

We all know the song. But I wonder how many of us really realize how powerful it can be if we sing it to the *right* person... I did, and it changed everything.

My Email from God

Last night I told you I got an email telling me how disappointed God is in me. This morning I woke up to this email "from God." You guys are the best.

This is Beautiful You

Every Sunday I take the photos of you and the people you love, and I share them here because, well, I think we're all pretty dang beautiful.

Doing My Time in Facebook Jail

I recently was put into Facebook jail, my friends, and I will tell you that it’s not a place you want to be...

A Letter from Tobi

Tobi, the mother of seven who we have all rallied around these last couple days, wrote this letter to share with all of you. Stop making me cry, Tobi!

A Letter from AJ

Last night AJ wrote this letter and is letting me share it with all of you. It's his response to what we did for Tobi, their seven children, and him...

The Laziest Moments Ever. Brought to You By You.

What happens when you ask a giant group of people what the laziest thing was that they've ever done? This. This is what happens. Enjoy.

An Amazing Mom of Seven Who Won’t Ever Ask

I don't come to you for things like this often. Please. Please. Please. Read this and share this today. This lady is beyond amazing.

Here’s the Side I’m Going to Choose

Bisexual. Man. Those two words make a lot of people uncomfortable, and sometimes I'm pressured to "choose a side." And I think maybe I should.

This is Beautiful You – Single Dad Edition!

Every Sunday I take the photos of you and the people you love, and I share them here because, well, I think we're all pretty dang beautiful.

50 MORE Weird Confessions

These are 50 *ALL-NEW* overly weird confessions made by everyday people with an anonymous place to tell something they do when they're all alone.

A Big Dream that Started with a Very Large Boy

Did you know I once weighed over 350 lbs? I've also been so skinny a doctor told me to gain weight or die. And from those experiences, a dream of mine was born...

How One Girl with Down’s Changed the Very Definition of Intelligence

Her name was Carissa. My sister. She died six years ago. And while she lived, I believe she changed the very definition of intelligence for all of us forever.

Might As Well Be Holding a Tommy Gun

I took a plate of cookies to a new neighbor. I might as well have been standing on their porch holding a Tommy Gun... And that is the new normal?

How to Be a Better Parent According to Small Children. Vol. 3

ALL NEW! We asked your children what the #1 thing you could do to be a better parent was, and these 50 answers were enough to keep us all laughing for days! Hahaha.

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When Something I Write Brings Heavy Consequences

“Dan, I wanted to write and tell you that my wife read your post and decided she wants a divorce. Thanks a lot.” This was an email I received one day after writing, Whose Life is it Anyway.

Rest Easy, Grams

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