Weird Confessions

We’re all normal.

And when I say normal, I mean that we are all crazy, and strange, and weird. And all that is normal. Believe me.

I myself have my oddities. I have weird things I do that nobody else knows about. And that got me to thinking. Would other people fess up and confess their own weirdnesses if I gave them an anonymous place to do it?

There was only one way to tell. So, I setup an anonymous form with only one question.

What is the weirdest thing you do that you never tell anyone else about?

Your answers have been making me feel weirdly normal ever since. All 5,000 of them (so far). Hahaha. Enjoy.

I have really long toes… and hold hands with my feet when I’m sitting cross-legged watching TV. It makes me feel less alone. I’ve done it all my life. ~Anonymous
I hide fingernail clippings in places around the house. ~Anonymous
When I load the dishwasher I put the exact same amount of silverware in each slot. I don’t know why, but it drives me insane if it’s not even. My husband thinks I’m nuts. ~Anonymous
when i eat i have to alternate sides so first bite on the right second on the left and my last bite has to be on the left even if i have to bite it in half ~Anonymous
I work out whatever stressful scenario I am going through that day in my head while I shower. My wife always wonders why my showers take so long. ~Anonymous
When I eat my food I eat the things I like the least first and the things I like the best last. I also do not like my food to touch. I am 36. ~Anonymous
Some songs from “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” make me emotional, especially the “True, True Friend” song from the end of season 3. I’m 30 and I like MLP more than my kids do. ~Anonymous
I memorize ridiculous things for fun. Like the percentage of criminals in a witness protection program who commit another crime (17%). Completely useless. ~Anonymous
I live near an animal park. I’m convinced that the wolf pack in there turns into werewolfs at full moond and lurks in my garden. I keep the windows closed on those nights. ~Anonymous
I have to count while flushing the toilet or I will think about it until the next bathroom visit, I’m 30. ~Anonymous


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