tobi-blake-dan-pearceI woke up the next morning to the ding of email after email on my phone.  I thought for sure my email had been hacked.  Instead, it was you.  Pouring out generosity to me, someone that you do not know.  When I saw the blog post, I was in literal shock.  This is by far the biggest gulp of pride I have ever had to swallow.  It is difficult for me not to stress about how I can possibly pay each of you back and how I can show Dan and each of you individually the depths of my gratitude.  I am driving myself crazy with it.  It feels impossible. You never realize how prideful and stubborn you are until you lose complete control of accepting the generosity of others.  I don’t like accepting help.  In fact, I hate it.  And I usually have the ability to control it.  But Dan robbed me of that with one of the greatest acts of love and kindness I have ever experienced in my life.  If Dan would have given me the choice of whether or not he would write that post, I would not only have said “no,” but “hell no.” And he knew it.  But he did it anyway, because he loves me.  I am forever grateful.

You, Dan’s readers, are absolutely, mind-blowingly incredible.  With Dan’s love and goodness, he has attracted the most amazing group of people on this earth.  I am astounded.  I am humbled.  As I read your comments, I feel genuine love from you.  It is inspiring to say the least.

I have two giant fears in my life.  The first is losing one of our children.  The second is being a burden to anyone, especially the people that I love.  This is a very real fear for me.  I am perpetually early for fear that I might make someone wait.  I have a literal phobia of inconveniencing someone.  MS reminds me of that fear every single day.  It’s the most difficult part of the disease for me. I never want anyone to have to take care of me.  My comfort zone is independence and taking care of the people that I love.  But I have met my match with stubbornness. Each night, AJ and I have the same argument.  And every time, AJ wins.  The argument goes something like this:

AJ: “Roll over on your tummy and let me massage you honey.”

Me: “No sweetheart.  Thank you. It’s late and you have to get up early.  I’m fine.  Snuggle me and let’s get some sleep.”

AJ: “You are hurting, and I want to help.  Please babe.  I am not going to sleep until you let me massage you. The longer you argue, the longer it will be until I’m able to go to sleep.”

Me: (Rolling over) “UGGGGGHHH!!!! Thank you sweetheart.”

Last night, I was putting up an extra big fight, and he told me that if I would roll over, he would sing me a song.  He knows I can’t refuse his beautiful singing voice.  And so I lay there, listening to him sing, rubbing my aching body to make it feel better.

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