I hesitate to talk too much about my latest adventures going to see a shrink life coach. The more I do, the more absolutely messed up you’re all going to finally realize I am.

But… being absolutely messed up has done me well so far, hasn’t it? So why not talk about it once in a while. After all, just about everyone in the world is messed up, so maybe posts about my adventures in therapy will be the most normal posts of all.

I think for these posts, I’ll call my therapist Star. And I’ll call the *person* she’s talking to Dingo. Oh, and some other person who shows up in the story will be Stan. You know, so you don’t ever know who exactly it is that I’m talking about. Attorney client privilege and all that stuff.

Star: What do you mean?

Dingo: What do you mean what do I mean?

Star: What do you mean when you say that your life is like a pancake? What makes you feel that way?

Dingo: Well, I suppose there are lots of ways to look at it. A pancake has two sides, and one side is usually a little more cooked than the other. That’s me, I guess.

Star: What do you mean that’s you?

Dingo: What do you mean what do I mean? Do you mean what I think you mean?

Star: <smile>

Star: <silence>

Star: <silence>

Dingo: I mean…

Star: <silence>

Dingo: there are other ways I’m like a pancake. For example, I’m all gooey and runny at first, but once you add a little heat, I get all solid-like.

Star: <silence>

Dingo: Also, pancakes taste better with butter.

Star: <silence>

Dingo: Also, pancakes can be light and fluffy or they can be thick and dense.

Star: <silence>

Dingo: Also, pancakes don’t always like the same syrup on them. Sometimes they want maple. Sometimes butter flavored. Sometimes blueberry. You get what I’m saying?

Star: No, I understand everything you’re telling me about pancakes, I know what pancakes are, so tell me why you feel like your life is like pancakes.

Dingo: Also, sometimes pancakes taste better when there are lots of tiny ones instead of one or two giant ones.

Star: <silence>


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