say-something-im-giving-up-on-youThis other dream was important to me. At one time. It was big to me. It was beautiful. And it was now fading away, quietly, defeated.

“Say something, I’m giving up on you.”

I said it to the man in the mirror. I had been studying him for some time, trying to find any way to not let all of my dreams and goals slip into darkness all at once.

“Say something, I’m giving up on you.” I said it again.

I sang it this time.  “Say something, I’m giving up on you.”

“I’ll be the one, if you want me to

Anywhere I would’ve followed you…”

The truth annoyingly pushed at the cavities of my heart. I started remembering not just my goals and dreams that were crumbling, but the determination I once had to never give up on them, no matter how long it took or what the cost.

“Say something, I’m giving up on you.” I sang it again. This time while searching even deeper inside my own eyes.

“And I am feeling so small

It was over my head

I know nothing at all

And I will stumble and fall

I’m still learning to love

Just starting to crawl.”

And from there something started to build inside of me. It was that original determination I once had. It was that original dedication. It was that original unconquerable spirit.

“I’m not giving up on you.” I sang after cranking up the song and putting it on repeat some twenty or so plays earlier. “You better believe that I can get to you.” I started changing words. “Anywhere I will follow you!” I was belting it now. I wasn’t singing to myself anymore. I was singing… to my dreams.

By the end, I couldn’t even remember why I felt like my dreams were fading. I couldn’t remember why they felt unreachable. The emptiness and failure I was feeling lifted from me, and within days I was putting everything in my life in place to make it happen. You remember the dream.

It was this song that brought it back to life. And I plug into it form time to time, as I hope you will.

There will be times when you feel something inside of you slipping away. Something becoming quiet. Something not speaking to you anymore.

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