Laziest Moments Ever

Check back later today for an update from Tobi & AJ. They’re working on writing something to share with all of you after everything you’ve done for them in response to yesterday’s post. In the meantime…

My uncle Victor sent me a hilarious Reddit thread about people’s laziness confessions, so I decided to ask all of you what the laziest thing you’ve ever done was.

And wow.

Apparently this group of people is awesome in every area of life, including laziness.

Here are 50 of the funniest replies, with almost a thousand more to comb through for future posts.

Enjoy. I sure did.

Ran outta milk and was too lazy to go to the store so I put vanilla ice cream in my coffee……three days in a row.
Threw a towel over a child’s wet sheets instead of changing them in the middle of the night.
Packed up dirty dishes when I was moving, so I could wash them at the new place instead.
I work at a daycare and give stickers to kids who sweep. I hate sweeping.
When I sprained my ankle I ate a piece of rice off of my baby’s head because I couldn’t bear the thought of getting up to throw it away.
I’d just had my first baby and after a few weeks home from hospital was sleep deprived and exhausted. Some friends came to do the ‘new baby visit’ and after getting afternoon tea etc, I slumped down exhausted in the lounge chair, but just as I did my baby who I was holding and who had constant reflux threw up on the floor in front of it. In my sleep deprived haze, and in front of guests (without even registering what I was doing), I called the dog over to lick it up!
Let my son bring his bike into the house to ride because I didn’t want to go outside to watch him.
Painting only the toenails that show in the pair of shoes I’m wearing, while I’m wearing them.
Watched an entire movie on Lifetime because getting the remote involved getting up.
My 2 year old boys threw fruit loops all over the floor. Instead of sweeping them up later, when they boys said they wanted a snack I told them to pretend that they were puppies and convinced them to just eat the cereal from under the table…


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