I’ve used a NERF gun to shut off the lights.
Every once in a while I really want a coca cola, but I also really don’t want to put on pants so I order food online with a coke so they’ll just bring it to me. I don’t really want the food so I save it for later. Sometimes I get two cokes in case I want another one later.
We used to tell my mom that someone was at the door. Once she’d get to the kitchen door, we’d ask for a drink. She would yell at us every time, but fell for it every time. And we’d get our drink.
I’ve thrown both of my pillows at the light switch to try and turn it off, only to have to still get up and turn it off. AND then I realize I don’t have any pillows left.
I spilled a milkshake in my lap while driving. Instead of pulling over to clean up, I scooped it up in my hands and ate it!
This past Sat morning I texted my husband from the bed that I’d like a bowl of cereal. I had just woken up – around 10am – and he’d been up with our 7 yr old since 730am and was in the middle of cleaning the kitchen. He totally brought it, too.
Used breast milk to make the frosting for my kid’s birthday cake because we were out of milk and I didn’t feel like driving to the store.
Pointed a laser pointer at my light switch from my bed, so my cat would jump up and turn it off for me!
I didn’t want to shovel the snow on the drive way so I got in my car and drove back and forth till it was all packed down.
Rewashed the same load of laundry four times in as many days because I kept leaving it in the washer until it dried because I was too lazy to walk down the basement stairs twice in one day. Silver Lining : It smelled great.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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