Based on a true story in a white collar, almost completely Christian neighborhood where I lived.

Once upon a time, a non-Christian, blue collar, neighbor man overdosed on pain pills and nearly died. His wife was very sad.

His next door neighbor told everyone it was scary to think that such drug abuse was going on in the house next to his.

His other next door neighbor told everyone he always knew something wasn’t quite right about those guys.

Another neighbor told everyone that she never felt comfortable letting her kids go there to play, and now she knew why.

Another neighbor shrugged it off and told everyone he didn’t care, it had nothing to do with him.

Another neighbor, yet, told everyone that this was probably God’s way of opening up the door for this family to finally accept the gospel.

A man at the hospital told everyone that this is what happens to people who live outside of the teachings of the church.

A woman at the hospital just shook her head and kept going when she passed the man’s wife in the hallway and so amiably asked why she was there.

Another man in church that Sunday told all of the other men in a class he was teaching that they needed to go home and hide all their prescription drugs from their children and that sometimes reminders like this are powerful for everyone.


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