A woman in church that Sunday raised her hand and told everyone that she had heard there was more than just pain pills being abused in that home.

She volunteered this information after another woman raised her hand and said she had heard that this man’s addiction was accompanied by a porn addiction. She said this so that everyone would know the dangerous road that porn can lead you down.

A woman in charge of teaching the youth told the young women that pills were extremely dangerous, and used the man as an example.

Two men were told that they should go see if this family needed any help. This became their new errand in the church. They showed up and wanted to teach a lesson about how their church was true.

The minister told his congregation to pray for this family and then advised them all to be vigilant against this new evil that has swept so many into its path.

On the way home, many, many people looked at the silent house that belonged to this man and his wife and said many more things, or said nothing.

And the woman who almost lost her husband was very sad.

She loved her husband.

And she was sad.

But they were a non-Christian, blue collar couple, and he overdosed on pain pills. So that didn’t really matter.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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