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You see, that man… That man was struggling doing what he was doing and being who he was.

And yes, I shall now switch out of the third person because I don’t wanna be that guy.


It’s about me. And how I was struggling. And how I was saved in so many ways by its wonderful and unexpected people & dynamics.

Very few people on earth can know what it is like for me doing what I do. I could try and explain it, but perhaps it’s best I just share the letter I wrote to the members of the SDLHC:

I need to get sappy for a minute. Friends, I was struggling as a blogger and person before starting SDLHC. I didn’t know how much more I had left in me. It was more difficult than you can imagine to have hundreds of thousands of people, sometimes millions, reading, commenting, critiquing, emailing, and so much more, yet still feeling like I didn’t really *know* anyone. That surreal feeling was starting to weigh me down so heavily, the last few months especially, and I was almost ready to throw in the towel.

Then I started the SDLHC. I don’t know why if I’m being honest. It’s not like I didn’t already have a full plate. I suppose it was because I am starting work to become a personal trainer, and I thought it would be fun to have a group of like-minded individuals to work with. Everyday people. Real people. I expected and hoped for a few hundred. We’re at almost 4,500 now. I expected to just share lots of “yay, I worked out!” pics with each other. It ended up turning into… well, I don’t have to spell that out. We all know how amazing this group is.

And while I can’t read every post, and I can’t like every selfie, and I can’t be a part of every conversation here, I have fallen in love with all of you. I feel connected for the first time to real people living real lives.

What’s more, it has renewed my love for writing, my energy for sharing, and my drive to reach those goals and dreams that have been slipping away. It has injected a shot of steroids into my funny bone. It has helped me let go of several still inauthentic parts of my life. It has made me more honest. And real. And dedicated.

So many of you are often publicly thanking me for creating this group. Well, it’s my turn to thank you for making this group what it is. You saved me as a blogger. In many ways you saved me as a person. Thank you.

Love, Dan

Of course, that was 1,500 members ago. And I meant every word of it then as much as I do now.

This group has saved me. It has saved so many others. In just its short existence, so many struggling people have begun the journey of turning their lives around. New friendships in the group have turned into love. Incredible splinter groups have formed. Friendships have been forged. Heavy minds have been unburdened. People have started laughing again. And, I think I speak for the majority of us when I say that it has made the journey for most of us… fun once more.

And like I said. I am not writing to recruit new members today. Any person who wants and needs our incredible group is more than welcome. But today isn’t about that.

Today is about the giant public shout-out that the members of this group deserve for being the kind of human beings that they are. It is about the recognition I would be remiss in giving them. It is about the time and love and support and care they have all so selflessly given to each other. It is about the change in my life, my writing, my blog, and the direction that it is all taking me.

It is about the friends I have made. The real friends. The ones I can’t get enough of.

I love you all. And am so thankful for you.

See you in the group.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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