This is a discussion only for all you single people, and for all you once-single people.

Oh. I guess that’s everyone. Except you weirdoes who were born with boyfriends and girlfriends.

I have been polling my single friends, and in 100% of the discussions I’ve had (which is four of them), this situation either exists or has existed, and I want to know if you have all experienced it, too, or if it’s just a Utah thing.

It seems everyone has one.

That one person. That one man. That one woman. That person who has you under her power, and as unhealthy as it is, there’s seemingly nothing you can do about it.

Someone who you shouldn’t like.

Someone who you shouldn’t want to be with.

Someone who you shouldn’t care about because she doesn’t really care about you the same way.

Someone who disappears without a word and is always gone for long periods of time.

Someone who obviously doesn’t think about you as often as you think about her.

Someone who does crappy things when you’re apart that make you feel crappy.

Someone who treats you as an insignificant part of her life.

Someone who you know, deep down, will probably never reciprocate.

That one person. That one man. That one woman.


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