secretsJust please. Think about it. Think about taking some of those secrets and instead of telling them to me, tell them to the world! Tell them to those closest to you! Instead of telling yourself you’re trapped, tell yourself that it’s your life, and you’ll do what you want with it! Instead of worrying about what your family, or your friends, or your parents, or your spouse, or your (fill in the blank) will say, worry about what you will say. On your deathbed. About your life.

Will you look back and know that you had the courage to face your own lack of authenticity?

Or will you look back and realize that you gave the only life you have to live to the people with the loudest and most demanding voices around you.

I know what I’ll be saying.

And, unfortunately, I know what a lot of the people in my own life will be saying as well. I know what many of you will be saying. I know because… you told me to “keep it a secret.”

Well, I’m tired of these secrets. Oh, I’ll never tell anyone’s secrets, and I’ll always have an open ear and a non-judging heart to hear the secrets of others. But I’m going to shout to the rooftops that “your secret doesn’t make you unique! It’s not special to you! And if you’d just share it, you’d understand that you’re in the majority, not the minority!”

Release your secrets, my friends. Be bold about them. Watch how easy this is.

I danced butt ass naked with a bunch of friends not too long ago just because we felt like it.

Also, I told one of my readers to straight up f*** off a couple weeks ago because they were being an overbearing, judgmental ninny.

Also, I fibbed and told a date I had dad duty to attend to so that I didn’t feel stupid about bailing for a poker night that, frankly, sounded way more fun.

Also, I’m lazy and I order most things off of Amazon because I can’t be bothered price shopping or driving around.

Also, sometimes when I get depressed and down, I start texting exes.

Also, I enjoy the time when I don’t have my kid just as much as the time that I do.

Also, I ate an entire pack of Oreos the other day. In one night. Nay. In one hour.

Whew. Wow. Glad I got all that off my chest.

And guess what. I don’t care what you all think of me for any or all of it. I don’t care if you follow me or unfollow me. I don’t care if you laugh or shake your head at me. I don’t care if you go try and use it against me to tell everyone I’m a shmuck.

You know why?

Because I like myself, I like my life, and I am not going to apologize for it to anyone.

I do what I feel is okay and right. I am involved as a father. And when I’m a crappy human being, I fix it and I repair the damage. So why would I care what you or anyone else thinks of me?

I don’t.

And why should you care what anyone thinks of you? Why should you fear the people you love disappearing on you simply because you are you? Why should your secrets be the end of you?

They won’t be. I promise. They’ll actually be the beginning of you. A whole new you. A whole new person who loves what the mirror reflects back every single day.

Your secrets are only secrets because you don’t get that people EVERYWHERE are keeping the exact same secrets you are.

If you don’t believe me. Just try it. Pick a big one. Share it publicly and with the world. And watch how fast people come and say… “me too.”

Followed by, “please don’t tell anyone.”

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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