I get asked a lot which apps I love to use. These are my top 11 apps (besides the usual apps we all use)… I have an iPhone. I have no idea if these are available on other platforms.

I’ll start with my favorite photography apps:

Snapseed-IconSnapseed. This is a very simple yet very powerful photo editing app. I edit almost every Instagram photo I upload with Snapseed first. I have lots of really fun looks and feel to my pics on Instagram (user: danoah), and people are asking all the time in the comments for me to tell them how I achieve the look & feel that I do. So, here’s one of my processes within the app…

First, I try the automatic button and see if I like it. Then, I go to the tune image button, and I fiddle with every setting to get the picture looking awesome. I often crank up the contrast a bit, bring out some of the hidden shadows, and change the ambiance to create a cool feel. Next, I often head over to the tilt-shift button and put a tilt-shift blur onto the image to give it some depth since phones often don’t have a great depth of field. Next, I often go to the drama button, crank up the filter strength, and add a bit more saturation to it. Some pictures look really intense (if it’s a pic you want to look intense) if you do the drama setting twice. And finally, I usually like to add a vignette to my pictures, so I go to the center focus tab, tap the star button, and scroll to vignette, then I tweak the settings until I like it. And that’s how I achieve what I often do on Instagram. Here’s one example using this method:



Picfx. If I want to do something super cool, super easy, and different than the Snapseed process (or in addition to it), I open the photo in the Picfx app. It’s super easy to figure out, and you can find very cool effects, frames, artificial bokeh, and more. One thing I love about Picfx is the ability to stack filter on top of filter. I really love some of the grunge filters, and also some of the classic filters and the PFXFilm filters.

Facetune_iconFacetune. Facetune is an incredible app that is so easy to use. It let’s you very easily whiten teeth and eyes, get rid of blemishes, smooth skin or parts of the image, blur parts of the image, get rid of red eye, enhance colors, and even bump and nudge body parts to make them look a little better. It’s one of the coolest photo apps in the App Store.

And, my other favorite apps that I constantly use:

hootsuite_iconHootsuite. Hootsuite is an absolutely awesome free app that let’s you see and post to all sorts of your favorite social networks, all from the same place. I can open the app and see everything on Facebook (or certain pages on Facebook), Twitter, Flickr, and so many more. It also let’s you preschedule status updates or posts, auto post updates, etc. It’s a very cool app. I recommend it.

icon_256Secret Calculator for iPhone. This is an app made by FireBird Creations. How do I put this… Hmmm… It let’s you store secretly all of the stuff you don’t want anyone else ever seeing on your phone. It looks like a calculator, works like a calculator, but when you put in a certain code into the calculator, it opens all your secret stuff. You can create folders within, store photos, videos, documents, and more. That’s all I’ll say about that. Works like a charm.

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