Dan Pearce


Hey Dan, I just wanted you to know how much your blog and your writing means to me. Reading it is the first thing I do every morning. Sometimes I feel like you are inside my own head putting together the thoughts I haven’t been able to. You have helped me work through so much, and I feel like we’re friends even though you have no idea who I am.

That’s all. Just wanted to say thank you for putting yourself out there the way you do. I love you. Lots of people love you. I’m sure you get a zillion emails like this, so I’ll keep it short.


I have been following you for more than two years now, and all I have to say is how sad I am to see what you have become. I came to this page to get support from you and other single dads not to be constantly bombarded with stories about you shacking up with other guys and your constant attacks on Christians. I’m pretty sure they have become a daily thing for you, haven’t they?

You used to be a good man, a man I could follow and appreciate. Now I just can’t stand the thought of seeing your face in my feed even one more time spreading your filth and craziness. This world is going downhill in a hurry because of people like you spreading a false message of love so neatly wrapped in gift wrap and a bow.

It is people like you who make more people give up trying to be what they should be and instead be whatever they think is easiest. Your truth boxes just encourage people everywhere to cheat on their spouses. Your bisexuality posts, which bisexuality isn’t a real thing you know, just encourage people to choose a path that is unnatural and hurtful to society. Your doing your part to destroy the human family and religion which I don’t know if you noticed this world really needs more of not less of.

Today is the day I finally unfollow you and I want you to know I’m doing it so that you can think really hard about what you share and post in the future because it’s only a matter of time before everyone unfollows you with the road you’re going down…

Truncated because you don’t need the next 18 paragraphs which were essentially the same message over and over…

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