You know what I’ve never done on this blog?

Just sit down and write whatever comes to mind. No plan. No topic. Just complete… randomness.

Let’s do this.

Warning: you may think I’m either the coolest, or the weirdest, or the most random, or the most idiotic, or the craziest person ever when this is done.

I’ll take it.

Last weekend, I had some weird cocktail assortment of liquor shots that made me do ridiculously awesomely stupid things with my besties.

It’s been so long since I got drunk, and I now know that shots of Fireball, intermingled with shots of Rumple Minze, and shots of melon liqueur, and shots of Malibu (over the course of a night) leads to a lot of weirdness among friends.

I shall not give you any more details about it except that one.

And maybe the tiny detail that we were all standing on top of the couch in our undies laughing at one point.

And maybe the tiny detail that a photo does or does not exist of said undie-wearing couch laughing.

Maybe this random writing is not a good idea. Let’s see. How can I make myself look more respectable…

I went to sing karaoke at a bar with some friends. Problem was… we never got a turn to go sing because there were two very large parties of people there in front of us.

This happens. No biggie. Except…

Those two parties were 100% all Mormons.

This happens. No biggie. Except…

They were all ordering water. At a bar whose employees make their living serving drinks to people who are using its fun and free services.

And Mormons don’t drink.

The bartenders were annoyed.

The waitresses were annoyed.

Paying customers were annoyed.

I eventually pulled our waitress over who barely had time to wait on us because of these dozens of Mormons, and asked her if she still gets decent tips even though they’re not ordering drinks. She very discouragedly said that she would maybe make twenty bucks on the entire crowd for the entire evening.

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