dan-pearce-randomMy dearie me. Coffee. How I love thee.

Yes. The whole coffee thing has given me perspective. What other forbidden things from my past were actually some of the best things EVER?!

I tried cocaine. It was…

Come on. I didn’t try cocaine. God. Give me some credit.

This random writing is not going so well in my favor, is it.

Let’s turn to health.

I’ve more or less started eating on the Paleo lifestyle. Summed up: Eat meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds. Eliminate grains (DELICIOUS GRAINS!), dairy, processed sugar, legumes, etc.

I didn’t mean to start eating Paleo. It just kind of happened on its own as I really tried to tune into what foods made my body feel better, recuperate from exercise faster, and shed fat.

I tried ditching gluten. IMMEDIATE improvement in my life. I tried ditching sugar. IMMEDIATE improvement in my life. I tried ditching dairy. IMMEDIATE improvement in my life. Except the cheese. My body was happy when I gave it up. My taste buds, however, went on strike and called in union force to try and bully the cheese back.

But anyway… yeah. I made all those changes before I ever knew what the Paleo diet was, and I was feeling awesome when I first read about the Paleo diet and I was like… dang… All I have to do is get rid of peanuts and oatmeal and I’m there!

<Sniff><Sniff> I love peanuts. And oatmeal.

Which is why I’m only mostly Paleo. Sometimes, I just like the daily fuel that a big bowl of hot fresh oatmeal and blueberries gives me.

Anyway… the lifestyle change is pretty doable. I don’t mind it at all. And I cook real food that I enjoy.


The other night I went to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate my friend’s birthday. They put a big, fresh basket of hot, steaming, flaky rolls in front of me.

I didn’t eat one. I was so proud of myself.

I also didn’t drink.

I also turned down the first shot of the night later on.

I was doing SO good.

Someone, somewhere, was about to give me a medal, I’m sure of it.

Next thing I knew, there I was, in my undies, standing and laughing on my couch with my besties.

Haha. Whatever. I’ll get a medal some other day.

And gosh. I gotta end this in a way that I actually look awesome to all of you so that you want to come back.


I’ve got nothing.

Hahaha. Love you all. I hope you enjoyed my randomness as much as I’m not sure I actually did.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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