letter-to-americansThank you for your honesty in business. Thank you for your integrity. Thank you for creating businesses that are driven by dreams and passion and ethics, and not by greed, and power, and corruption. Thank you for taking care of this Earth and making your businesses more green and less wasteful. Thank you for hiring and keeping employees at great wages and with benefits. Thank you for caring about the individual lives of your employees and your patrons, and for remembering that it is always the individual that makes your company successful.

Thank you for your creativity and bravery on your various platforms. Thank you for saying the difficult things that most lack the courage to say. Thank you for offering me perspective and encouragement to guide my life and to guide my son’s life. Thank you for using your voice to respond to such bravery with love and respect, even when you disagree.

Thank you for giving me a place with all of you in this great country. Thank you for giving my son a place beside me. Thank you for making me believe in the goodness, and charity, and love, and patience, and generosity, and humility, and potential of people everywhere.

Thank you for taking the time to learn what our freedoms are, what they were intended to give us all, and all the ways we must learn to protect, utilize, and never abuse those freedoms in the name of selfishness and absurdity.

Thank you for evaluating yourselves. Thank you for learning to understand yourselves. Thank you for learning what you can always do better, and what you can always give more of. Thank you for being strong. And for caring. And for believing that you are just as responsible for the greatness that is America as anyone else is. Thank you for being one of the great ones. And thank you for recognizing if you aren’t, and fixing that so that we can fix the broken parts of this country together.

Thank you for all of the laughter. Thank you for all of the positivity. Thank you for all of the smiles, and grins, and happiness.

Thank you for all of the hope.

Thank you for an incredible country.

Absolutely incredible.

With incredible people.

All who have so much potential. So much to give. So much to offer. So much to lend.

Thank you to those of you who see that, and know that, and do that.

Thank you.

I don’t know what else to say. I only can promise to see it, and know it, and do it myself.

And I will.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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