dan-pearce-happyLook around you. Who are the dream crushers in your life?

Who likes to tell you what you can’t do?

Who likes to tell you to stop celebrating because you look like a jerk.

Who likes to tell you to tone it down?

Who likes to tell you all the reasons you, and your accomplishments, suck?

Those are your dream crushers! Tell them to support you or get out of your life!

It’s okay to celebrate your successes! It’s okay to be excited about the amazing things you achieve! It’s okay to be pumped about the progress you’ve made. It’s okay to be happy about good things happening to you.


Because. When those things happen, it is awesome. You are awesome. And nobody should tell you otherwise.


Because you aren’t going to tell anyone else otherwise.


Because when those things happen to other people, it is awesome. They are awesome. And nobody should tell them otherwise.

There is a universal truth, and that is: the more you celebrate the success of others, and the more you surround yourself with people who celebrate success, the more successful and happy you will be.

Successful people want everyone around them to be successful.

Try to debate that. You’re probably one of those dream crushers, if you do, and you’ll never achieve much of anything in this life. And sadly, neither will the people you’re closest to.

Successful people cheer for the accomplishments and victories of others.

Successful people never tell other people what they can’t do. They tell other people everything they can do!

Successful people know that success breeds success. They know that ultimately, and even if someone seems to be doing better, it’s never a competition with anyone but themselves.

Successful people have spent their time and effort celebrating themselves and celebrating others to get where they’re at.

It’s the way of the truly successful person.

People often say, “Dan, you have the golden touch. Everything you do just works.”


I have just always had a gift for thinking anyone who tries to tell me I can’t do something or shouldn’t do something is a small-minded ninny.

I have just always had the gumption to push past all those negative voices telling me I should limit myself and my dreams to be more realistic.

I have just always had the mindset that anyone who doesn’t support me and is a positive & happy influence is gone from my life. Even spouses.

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