dan-pearce-happyI give those I love support. I give them my excitement. I give them my time. I give them my encouragement. I give them my loyalty. I give them my enthusiasm and belief in their abilities.

I expect the same from them.

Life’s too short, my friends, to walk around listening to all the reasons you can’t do things.

I don’t care if it’s your spouse (usually the number one most guilty of this for most people, in my experience), or your co-workers (number two most guilty), or your friends, or your family members, or some Jack Joe down the street who doesn’t want you creating a lemonade stand that will outshine his.

Push those voices out.

Tell them, “I don’t care what you think I can or can’t do!”

Tell them, “that’s nice. Get beside me or get run over!”

Tell them, “look, over there, a nice hole to crawl into. Now move it! I’ve got work to do! I’ve got victories to achieve!”

Don’t believe them when they “just have your best interests at heart.”

Don’t believe them when they tell you, “you will be broke!”

Don’t’ believe them when they tell you, “look at your past failures.”

They are trying to limit you.

People like to limit each other. They like to kill enthusiasm and excitement before it turns into the next big achievement. They like to make sure you and I can’t leave them in the dust. They like to feel security in our failures.

If you fail, they don’t lose you. That’s the deep-down unspoken mindset.

Human minds are strange, indeed.

But they’re not all like that.

Some are incredible. Some only want you to thrive.

Find those minds. Surround yourself with them. And be the same type of mind for them.

And please… let yourself be excited! Let yourself celebrate! You’ve worked hard to earn those victories, and they should be celebrated.

Every one of them.

No one ever made it to the top of Mt Everest without hitting certain milestones and loving the hell out of those milestones when they did.

No one ever made it to the end of a championship game without the crowd cheering them on as they went, and without smiling a giant smile whenever they did something amazing during the action.

No one ever became a truly funny person without laughing at plenty of his own jokes and a million other jokes that came from others.

And no one ever did that big and giant thing you want to do by letting the world around them take away all the fun that is to be had along the way.

Remember that. Whether it’s with your ambitions, your work excitement, your eating goals, your fitness desires, or any other part of your life. Remember that.

You deserve to surround yourself with the right people. You deserve better than the dream crushers.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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