Yes, I’m all for a more relaxed public atmosphere surrounding the feeding of infants, including at places like university graduations, theme parks, and restaurants.

Your breastfeeding breasts won’t taint my love for breasts. They won’t change the way I feel when I’m enjoying an intimate moment and the bra comes flying off. They won’t change the magic and mystery that breasts are. Breastfeeding breasts are like platonic female friends who I can hang out with and never think a sexual thing about. They’re like that hot girl who walks into a party, and another friend quickly whispers, “just so you know, she’s pregnant with twins,” so I only talk to her with a double-incubator-width gap ever present between us. They’re like that person you’re crushing on big time who suddenly farts a mighty fart and turns you off straightaway. Okay, that one might have been a really bad analogy, but you know what I’m saying; bodily functions have a way of turning it all off. Just. Like. That.

So please, by all means. Pull it down. Pull it out. Attach baby. Repeat.

I won’t be offended. I won’t even blink. I’ll carry on our amazing conversation about Pinterest fails or idiot bloggers like nothing even happened at all.

But don’t take pictures of it and post it on my pages. Not on my updates! Not in my comments! Post them on your own!

Do you know why I don’t want to see them?


I’m tired of watching my own readers and my own friends get belittled and made to feel uncomfortable under my digital roof. I’m tired of receiving emails from my readers saying, “what’s up with ALL the breastfeeding pics on your page lately?” I’m tired of being threatened (it’s happened many times) by breastfeeding extremists, demanding that I prove my tolerance by sharing their breastfeeding pics (huh?). I’m tired of the messages from women who post their overly aggressive breastfeeding pics and who then immediately message me and demand to know that I am okay with it and am not going to remove it.

Let’s be honest.

Some of you, yes. You post extremely occasionally a beautiful moment breastfeeding, classy and unexposed. I have no problem with that.

But others of you are usually not posting them organically. You’re usually posting them to make a statement.

A statement that says, “the world will shut up and love breastfeeding pictures, or the world will pay the price!”

When you post pictures, it often seems you’re trying to test others.

When you post pictures, it’s often with a bit of ulterior curiosity about who will get riled up.

It’s often done to pick a fight. And to rally breastfeeding extremists everywhere to “get your back” against the haters.

It’s often done to purposefully make other people uncomfortable.

It’s often done for attention and to find those who will give you a bazillion likes and positive comments for no other reason than that you’re doing it.

It’s often done as a political statement.

At least when you do it on other people’s pages and other people’s platforms.


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