Q: OK, so you are all alone… no kids around. No partner. No one. What’s that "thing" that you do? Everyone has one… that "thing" that they do alone when no one is around. What’s yours?
A: I watch Cake Boss. Don’t judge me.
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Q: I know you’ve said why Noah was placed for adoption is the birth mother’s story. My question is does Noah know he is adopted? Does he have (or expressed interest in having) contact with his birth family? I read the other day he had a biological sister which made me curious.
A: He knows it. We celebrate it and talk about it like it’s the coolest f***ing thing ever! We talk about how cool it would be to someday get to know his biological sister better. He’s very cool and happy about the whole thing. He likes that it makes him unique.
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Q: Like the movie Purge, if there were no rules or laws for 24 hours what are the top 3 things that you would do?
A: I’d take Noah camping. Very high high up in the mountains where the top three things we’d do is make smores, tell ghost stories, and freak each other out about all the creepy sounds in the woods. I mean, the only laws around here that are really stupid and worth breaking are same sex marriage bans and no real alcohol in grocery stores.
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Q: Most embarrassing moment. Ever.
A: I was on a Valentine’s Day date with my just-married wife. And I pooped my pants two blocks from home. I just… couldn’t… quite… make it.
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Q: What do you think happens after we die?
A: I think either nothing, or… we all get to the other side and everyone is all like, "wait, what? Didn’t see this coming!"
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Q: How many lovers have you had?
A: By lovers do you mean chocolate bars? If so, then I have had thousands. If by lovers you mean stalkers, then three. If by lovers you mean television series that sucked me in for days on end, then at least eleven. If you’re a perv and are wondering about sexual partners, then the answer lies somewhere between one and two dozen. And the best part of that is, half of you will read that and think what a slut! and half of you will read that and think wow, that’s it?!
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Q: What would you do for a Klondike bar?
A: Confession. I have never had a Klondike bar. What is it? A candy bar? Ice cream?
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Q: Have you ever been in a relationship and ended up regretting writing a blog post because that person knew too much from the start? Do we know the real you, or do you hide certain parts from us?
A: I think you all know my most intimate secrets. They’re all out there. And yes, sometimes I’ll start dating someone and they’ll be like, "dude, what’s up with this that I read?" And I’ll be like, "listen girl, this is up with that thing you read," and they’ll be like, "okay cool dude," and I’ll be like, "dude, what’s up with your forehead?" And they’ll get all paranoid and be like, "what do you mean? What’s wrong with my forehead?" And I’ll be like, "I’m just kidding. Nothing."
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Q: Are you down and dirty in bed or reserved and shy? Honestly.
A: Depends on the partner, and the end goal. Let’s just say… the same three positions forever get kind of boring. Don’t you agree? Sometimes you just gotta like, climb walls and crap.
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Q: Would you ever consider dating someone who is reading your blog? Because I notice a lot of interest when I read comments on your blogs and how would you handle it??
A: Absolutely. In fact, things are getting pretty advanced with this spicy little cutie who read my blog before we ever met. But I told you I was keeping that side of life to myself the next time around, so that’s what I’m going to do. At least until it’s been a long while with her so that we can settle into "us".
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