Q: Does Noah ever get noticed (in a celebrity type of way) when he is out and about when he is with his Mom? How does he handle it if so? How does she handle it?
A: I don’t know. We’ve never talked about it. Now I’m curious. I know he gets recognized more often than I do when he’s with me, so it wouldn’t surprise me.
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Q: I’ve seen that its hard for you to date because of your blog.. would you give up your blog for the right person?
A: Nah. The right person will fit into my life and I’ll fit into hers. No reason to give up such a big important part of yourself for love.
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Q: When have you felt the most vulnerable? The most alive?
A: I felt the most vulnerable when I was at a teaching hospital with a parianal abscess (that’s an abscess on your butt hole, just to clarify). Not only was it the most painful thing ever to get it lanced, I had to sit there and listen to the doctor discuss the whole procedure with a room full of people. As for the most alive? I think when that helicopter pulled me off of the mountain, flying a thousand or so feet above the trees as we descended the mountain. That was a feeling I will never forget.
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Q: Who would win in a fight – you as a seat cushion salesman, or you as a professional blogger?
A: Seat Cushion Dan would get his ass whooped by blogger Dan. Seat cushion Dan was kind of a thin-skinned wuss who thought he was way cooler than he was. Blogger Dan would want to put him in his place.
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Q: Someone gives you a choice $10,000,000 and never use the internet again-ever or continue living as is and never prosper. What would you choose?
A: I’d take the $10 million, are you kidding? Phones, and texts, and all that other good stuff still work, you know!
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Q: Which one of your senses would you give up if you had to?
A: My sense of smell. It’s kind of a jerk to me anyway. It usually only kicks in with certain smells that I hate. Rarely with pleasant ones.
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Q: Why don’t you check your messages in your "Others" folder? ;p
A: If you spent five minutes in my other folder, you’d never go back again either. Haha. No, in all seriousness, I just get too many messages. I figure if someone really really wants to contact me, they’ll either do it through my website, or they’ll pay the $1 to Facebook to make it to my regular Facebook folder.
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Q: The world is ending in 48 hours, what kind of shenanigans would you get yourself into?
A: Oh God. That’s tough. I think I would throw a GIANT get-together where everyone I love gets to come, even the kids, and we’d have the night of our lives. I’d wanna go out of this world happy with the people that make me happy. Laughing. For sure laughing.
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Q: If science were to come up with a way for men to carry, give birth to and breast feed their babies, would you do it?
A: This is by far the weirdest question anyone has ever asked me. I’d say, no. I’m okay not lactating.
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Q: If you could be eaten by any animal. What would it be, and how?
A: If I’m going to be eaten by an animal, it better be something awesome like a gold fish. I mean, the whole world would talk about it forever. "He was so stupid he got eaten by a gold fish!" That’s fame you can’t buy.
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