Busted by a stranger

Over on the Single Dad Laughing Facebook page, I asked the question: “Knowing that I might use it in a blog post, what is the most embarrassing thing a stranger has ever caught you doing?”

Just as I suspected. You guys rocked my laughing world with your hilarious replies.

  1. I moved into a new neighborhood and literally had no one to help me move in, so I was slowly doing my best to unload the truck one box at a time. Suddenly these two gorgeous (and sadly married) men show up and offer to help. I was so tired I didn’t even try to say no. Then, the very first box this guy pulls off the truck, the bottom comes open and out spills all those, ummm, things that I keep in the drawer by my bed. He just looks at me and says, “probably not the box you were hoping would bust open today!” I wanted to crawl into a corner and die.
  2. On a long drive home from Florida, I had a runny nose and it was starting to hurt from blowing it so often. I decided to just shove a Kleenex in it. In the vehicle next to us were a father and son. They gave me a very strange look as we passed them. Next thing I know, they come up on the right side of us and the dad has a napkin stuffed in his nose and they were laughing. I laughed right along with them.
  3. I jumped out of my car at an intersection and proceeded to do what the cop behind me thought was an interpreted dance…..it was more like get that huge ugly a$$ spider off of me!
  4. I got caught bumping into a pole, turning to it, apologizing, and then realizing it was only a pole.
  5. A guy came to check out our mattress with a warranty issue. As he picked it up I spotted something I don’t even want God to know I have. I completely pretended I didn’t see it. Walked into that store 2 years later and he still knew my name. Lol.
  6. Baby is sleeping! No one is home. I got this, I’m good. I’ll rip off my shirt and get some pumping of milk done. Left sides a bit full. Holding steady, things are going good. Crap. Baby woke up, very hungry. Just lean over and plug up screaming baby with other boob. Ok. Awkward, but I’m mom, I’m good. I still got this, then I look up. Teenage daughter materializes in my bedroom doorway. With a strange kid I’ve never met. Ever. His eyes grow to the size of saucers and immediately burst into tears.
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