Over on the Single Dad Laughing Facebook page, I opened the floor to you to ask any question, silly or serious, easy or difficult. So many amazing questions came in, I decided to split it into three posts. Here’s the first set of answers!

Q: You’re always talking about the girl that you let get away, and how you still love her… Why don’t you try to get her back?
A: Always?! Come on. Barely like five times a week. Maybe six. Hahaha. Nah. I have written about her only a handful of times, but losing that love was pretty significant for me in both shaping what I expect when looking for future love and in making me realize the damage that fear/walls can and almost always will do when it comes to love.  She’s married now. She’s got a kid. At this point, I think trying to get her back would be like putting one of my own hairs on my plate and demanding my meal for free. Just doesn’t make any sense, ruins dinner for everyone, and would only reflect poorly on my character. Will I ever completely stop loving her? Probably not. I don’t think we ever completely stop loving someone we’ve truly loved. There will always be a little corner of my heart for her.
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Q: Do dudes wash their beards? Do you? It’s hair…so shampoo, or face wash?
A: Maybe I should try washing my beard sometime. I never realized that was a possibility! I was wondering why I felt things crawling around in there. Hahaha. Okay. Fine. Yes. I wash it daily. With shampoo to keep it soft. Girls with soft cheeks don’t like rough beards. I think that’s fair. I don’t like when they have rough beards either.
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Q: Single most important requirement in your future partner?
A: That we laugh together. Nothing is more important to me. Through the funny parts of life and the hard parts of life.
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Q: What ever happened with the picture that kept moving on your dresser? Does it still move?
A: For those who missed the post about my haunted picture, go here. I ended up moving very shortly after that blog post and nothing creepy has happened since! Well, at least nothing creepy from beyond. I creep myself out all the time, usually by doing things like squishing all of the built-up goo out of my nose pores.
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Q: Do you read our posts in your news feed?
A: Not sure what you mean, but lots of people “liked” this question, so I’ll try to answer it. I don’t get your personal Facebook updates on my feed, if that’s what you mean. I do read as many of your comments as I possibly can every day! Hopefully that’s what you mean. For almost every new post, I read almost every comment that comes in the first few hours. I reply back when I can. I like as many as I can. Hard to do for everyone when I average 1000-2000 new comments on my blog and Facebook every day.
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