#9 – Trolls on the Internet

There is this special group of individuals on the Internet who like to say incredibly horrible things just to get everyone else’s feathers ruffled. They like to say things that they know people will take personally. They like to attack the character of complete strangers. If you’re not used to Internet trolls when they strike, they can make you hate your life in a hurry.

I have found that the only real cure for Internet Trolls is to imagine the reasons that they do what they do and to make excuses for them. “Oh, Troll0918 only said that I don’t deserve to have children because he has been holding a fart in for three days.” Or, “Hm. Jerkwad88 only said that I look like a squashed version of a ferret because she has been holding in someone else’s fart for three days.” You know, stuff like that.

There is no understanding trolls, but there are ways to laugh at them.

#10 – People Pooping their Pants

As one who has pooped his pants as a full grown adult on more than one occasion, I can tell you that it is funny and it is okay to laugh at me when I do.

Other scenarios that are okay to laugh at (whether it’s with the person or after they are gone is up to you): women peeing their pants when they are eight months pregnant, grown men pooping their pants because they thought they could hold it to the next exit on a road trip, and children pooping their pants because they didn’t want to miss out on another round of wrestling with dad.

Scenarios that you probably shouldn’t laugh at if you value your life: women peeing their pants when they are nine months pregnant, grown men pooping their pants because you took way too long in the only bathroom at the gas station, and children pooping their pants because they didn’t want to stop playing their video games.

#11 – Idiots Getting Hurt

I enjoy watching Jackass movies as much as the next testosterone filled guy. And sometimes that gets brought up in conversation and someone sticks their nose way up in the air and says, “I refuse to laugh at those kinds of things. Those people are idiots.”

Well, nose-in-the-air-person is right. Those people are idiots. And it’s their lives and their bodies, and when they get hurt it is funny as hell so I’m going to laugh all the day long. At least between the wincing and the groaning.

#12 – Less than Cute Infants

I might as well end with a really taboo one. Ugly infants. And I’m talking really ugly infants who are ugly for no other reason than that they’ve recently been pushed through a hole the size of a Walnut. We all have seen them (but certainly never our own!) I don’t need to get into details, that would just be rude.

But look. Some infants are not cute. And we all know it. And sometimes it takes a lot of energy not to jump in fright when I unexpectedly see these little things. All that energy has to go somewhere, and it’s probably going to go to silly giggling when I’m all alone again.

The saving grace of all of it all, and the reason it’s okay to laugh, is that so many ugly infants grow into beautiful babies and then into beautiful toddlers. Once they get out of the “recently smashed by my mom’s pelvic bones” stage, and once their heads aren’t shaped like alien cones, and once their blood vessels all calm the heck down, then they actually turn cute.

LOL. I’ve got plenty more. Like I said, I like to laugh at inappropriate things all the time, but I think I’ve given you enough to judge me by for one post.

My question is, who can admit that they laugh at such things, too?

Oh, and if you scroll to the bottom, I have included a video that is horrifically hilarious and inappropriate, but sums up this entire thing. It’s called Nap Time. And if you’re easily offended and can’t laugh at stuff like this, don’t scroll down. It won’t hurt my feelings.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. What would you add to the list? What is something you should laugh at that might be considered a little bit inappropriate?


I told you.

Horrifically Hilarious.

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