As you know, my recent favorite thing is to send out random texts to known cell phone prefixes to see what kind of responses people will send back to me.

To me. A perfect stranger.

In the past couple of posts, I simply told the recipients that they were amazing and wonderful. This time, I decided to change it up and ask them to tell me a secret.

At first, I simply asked for the secret. I got very few replies and lots of “leave me alones!” So, I changed it up and told them I was a writer and that it was anonymous to see if I’d get more responses. I was so happy that I did because their replies had me rollin’ with laughter one second, and lost in gratitude for their vulnerability the next.

188 wrong numbers. That’s how many texts I sent this time, all with the exact same question.

This screen capture pretty much sums up most of them:

85% of replies:


Some replies were a little (or a lot) more incredible, hilarious, or powerful than that.

Here are 20 of them.

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