1. Waiting tables during allergy season when I was 18, three very attractive muscular military guys were giving me their order and I looked down at my note pad and a bunch of snot rushed forward and I blew a huge snot bubble! but didn’t really feel it so much as saw it and sucked it back in so it lingered for a second. I kind of froze and of course one of them had caught me. He have me an “I saw that” and we laughed . I was still mortified.
  2. I lost A LOT of weight. I was still wearing a pair of old jeans. Standing at the end of the dairy aisle at my neighborhood store. I reached up above the shelving to get a couple of furnace filters. Standing on my tippy toes, reaching up…my pants dropped to my ankles. At least I got a few claps and a whistle….. Never went back!
  3. I was at an auction and eating a cookie. Part of it broke off and fell into my bra. No one saw so I quietly reached into my blouse to retrieve it. The Auctioneer never missed a beat while calling for bids and pointing “75, 75, now 80, I saw that, 80 and 85, 90…”
  4. Busted! lol
  5. Throwing a tantrum with my son in the middle of grocery shopping. We were alone in the aisle and my lovely son decided he wanted to throw every 12 pack of soda on the ground. When I told him no he started kicking and screaming pounding his fist on the ground. I laid down and joined him. He stopped after I was looking ridiculous and an elderly lady walked by afterward giving me a strange look. It stopped the tantrum, don’t knock it!
  6. Accidentally running into the mens bathroom (one person bathroom) and pulling my pants down to pee only to see a man standing at the urinal.. oooops.. He just laughed, washed his hands and shut the door as he left..
  7. Tuesday, I handed the cashier at a sub shop a box of super tampons out of my bag instead of my wallet. Why I felt the need to hand him anything other than my form of payment, I don’t know, which is why I’m going on vacation this week. Apparently I’m in desperate need of one.
  8. Fell asleep in a guys bed…no one was in the room when I fell asleep. Then I woke up to a guy playing guitar and he said “you’re in my bed.” 9 years later we are still together.
  9. Walking up a down escalator…. But acting like it was normal & continued to try & walk up it, getting nowhere fast… So classy…
  10. I was at the theatre that had high back reclining seats. I had my shoes off and was rubbing my foot on what I thought was an empty seat. Finally this man turns around and says “do you mind”, I was rubbing his wife’s shoulder with my bare foot. Not to mention I was on a blind date at the time.
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