I’m sure most of you will remember when we all teamed together to raise money for Tobi (fighting MS), and for her fiancé AJ, and for their seven kids.

Tobi gave me permission to share this with all of you. Because of all of you, they had the means to fight the good fight and finally get joint custody of AJ’s kids. Tobi also was able to quit her serving job, which made her have so much less pain. The two of them are moving to Phoenix tomorrow, where Tobi’s MS will have less command over her in the wintertime. So many blessings have come because of your generosity for these nine people I love so much. Anyway. I won’t blather on. Here’s Tobi’s letter.


It’s been a little more than one year since our lives were turned upside down by a battle we never saw coming, when AJ’s ex-wife filed papers in court to try and take away his children. She already had sole legal and sole physical custody. She wanted him to have supervised visitation only. It has been the longest and most trying year of either of our lives. But we are grateful that, after a long and brutal battle, we now have joint legal and joint physical custody! 

This year has pushed us to our limits. It has tried us individually and as a couple. And we have come out stronger and better for it, and more grateful than ever for all seven of these kiddos. 

This wonderful outcome could not have been possible without my best friend Dan Pearce, who saw that we were financially at the end of our rope and emotionally drowning. He knew that if he asked our permission to write a blog post for help, we would say not “no,” but “hell no.” So he didn’t ask our permission. Unbeknownst to us, he wrote and asked his readers to help us. And help us is an understatement to what happened next. Never in either of our lives have we been so humbled and grateful and utterly speechless. The donations and messages of love and support and encouragement left us both weeping again and again and again. His incredibly loving and generous readers made it possible for us to keep fighting. As a result, AJ is still able to be the active, loving, incredible daddy to his children that he always has been, but with even more time! We are now able to have more time with them than ever, even with our upcoming move to Phoenix! Truly amazing. AJ now has the right to have a say in all the important things. We can be a family in peace. Words can not express the depths of my gratitude to Daniel and his amazing readers. 

We also could not have survived this nightmare without the love and support and encouragement of so many family and friends. We realized through this experience who family really is… those who truly love us and support us without conditions. Thank you, all of you. Thank you for the letters you wrote on our behalf. Thank you for the encouraging calls and texts. Chris, Leo and Daniel, thank you for the best and most needed vacation EVER! Thank you for being there and for loving and supporting our family. 

As we make this scary but exciting move to Phoenix, my heart is full of gratitude for the lessons we have learned and the experiences we have had here, even the difficult ones. I am so grateful for this man by my side. He truly is the most wonderful man I have ever known. I am one lucky woman to be his girl. And all of these kids are so unbelievably fortunate to have him. I know that, come what may, together we can get through anything. I hope Arizona is ready for us!

Love, Tobi

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