fart-embarrassedEverybody farts. And that’s okay.

In fact, It’s more than okay. Farts often can be some of the funniest things ever. At least in retrospect. But when they happen unexpectedly, sometimes they’re the most mortifying things ever.

Here are your stories. I dare you not have a happier day reading these!

  1. I always lay my cell phone on the wooden end table and put it on vibrate. One day I farted and my husband picked up the phone and said “that’s weird, there’s no message” We died laughing.
  2. I was in a job interview and had been fighting the WORST gas pain all day. I kept having to stop and mentally will the fart to go back inside all throughout the interview. It went really well, though, and the interviewer told me he would most definitely be in touch. I stood up to shake hands and a little toot slipped out. I was mortified, but pretended I didn’t even notice. Then on my way to the door, another one and another one slipped out with every step. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” I said and hurried out before he could respond. I still got the job!
  3. We were having dinner at my in-laws when my 5 year old farted. He then looked around the table at everyone and said, “Now it’s a party.”
  4. Let me put it this way… crowded Dr office… I had headphones on… one slipped out I couldn’t hear it…but realized when I had looks of disgust shot my way…everyone else could… lol.
  5. I’m lying in the emergency room and my hubs rips one off and then very loudly says “HONEY, ARE YOU OK?!?!?”
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