robin-williamsI know I’m not the only one who feels such hurt. Facebook. Twitter. Everywhere else. They’ve all blown up. People have been grieving the way they would had they lost a friend.

And that’s really it, isn’t it. Hm.

Here’s the thing about Robin Williams.

He was our friend.

We didn’t know him in real life, yet we felt so close to him. If I saw him at a party, and had never met him, I don’t think I’d be all star struck. I think I would expect to just pick up with him the way I would with any old friend. A hug, and conversation about how life has been.

And that is rare in the celebrity world. To make the world feel that way and to make them feel that way without them knowing that they feel that way?

It is so rare.

And that is why it hurts. We didn’t lose a beloved celebrity. We lost a friend.

It was Robin Williams’ genius roles that have hurt us so badly. With each role he crawled inside of us and made us truly feel something. He stabbed his pitchfork into our vulnerabilities and hoisted them up into the air for the world to see.

And best of all, he so often made us laugh. He made us laugh at him, and his silliness, and his humor, yes. But more importantly, he made us all laugh at ourselves a little more. He made it so much more normal to be normal. And he taught us that weird is normal.

He was real. He was us.

There has never been a Robin Williams before. There will never be a Robin Williams again.

He was so unique in what he did.

And we know that.

That is why it hurts.

It hurts so badly because he cannot be replaced. Any Hollywood heartthrob can be replaced. Any Hollywood sweetheart can be replaced. Any comedian can be replaced. Just about anyone in Hollywood can be replaced.

But not Robin Williams.

Never Robin Williams.

And we know that.

That’s why it hurts, I think. That’s why it has left such a gaping hole.

We weren’t ready for life without our Genie.

Rest in peace, oh captain, my captain. I’m going to go watch Dead Poets Society the way I would watch an old video reel after a good friend’s passing.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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