inappropriate death jokes

Every Monday I free-write whatever comes to mind.

I can’t promise you quality. I can’t promise you the feels. I can’t promise you anything, really. Except that it will always be raw, it will always be unedited, it will always be all over the place, and it will always be me. Oh, and it will always be done in my pajamas. Always. Because that’s how I roll.

Hmmm. What to talk about today…

How about… I don’t know… motorcycles.

Yeah, we talked about ‘em last week, but that was a rant written in annoyance. Haha. This week, let’s talk about how to make your kid feel like the coolest freakin’ kid at school.

Noah just started a new school for second grade. Yeah, it’s still middle of summer break for most of you. Not for us. When his mom moved, she didn’t know they were on year-round schedules there, so… Surprise! You only get half the summer we thought you would!

Man, that was a huge bummer for us when we figured that out. We had SO many plans for the rest of his summer break that suddenly got thrown under the bus. The system made me a liar. I had promised my kid a lot more during the summer than we got done, and I didn’t like it because I don’t break my promises.

At least he was understanding.

Now that we’ve digested the idea, though, I think it will actually be a very cool thing. As a writer, it doesn’t really matter to me when his big breaks are. I can work around anything. What it does mean is that he’ll have big breaks during spring and fall while other kids are in school, when it isn’t so danged hot out, and when everything isn’t so danged crowded. Promised can still be kept, and will probably be kept in more ideal situations.

Wow, squirrel. That will happen from time to time.

Anyway, how to make your kid feel like the coolest kid on Earth.

Noah just started a new school. On Friday I picked him up to spend the weekend with Dad. I decided to pick him up on my Harley, so that we could go for a nice ride together, something we both truly enjoy.

You’d have thought I was parked out front with a helicopter made of gold. By the reaction his peers had when they all came screaming and skipping out of the school, those kids don’t see a lot of motorcycles.

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