So, for the past couple years I’ve been jotting down some of Noah’s more memorable quotes. And by memorable, I mean they had me ROFLSHMTGSI. Here they are for your enjoyment. I know I enjoyed them!

  1. At the aquarium: “Dad, you know how I can tell that fish is lonely? He’s got a mean face so the other fish just leave it alone. But he’s probably nice, that’s what’s sad.”
  2. “Dad, I think I’m going to be famous someday because everyone tells me I’m super cute.”
  3. Noah: “Yuck, I hate avocados.” Me: “What? Last week you had them on your sandwich and you said you love them. Noah: “Oh yeah, I love avocados.”
  4. “Dad, let’s be honest. You’re just gonna break up with the next girl you date. And then it’s my turn to date her.”
  5. Noah: “How tall to I have to get to beat you for tallest?” Me: “6’4”. Noah: “No, like, show me with your hand.” Me, holding my hand to my own height: “This tall.” Noah: “Wow, that’s pretty tall.”
  6. Noah: “Dad, I’m a really good kid. Everyone thinks so.” Me: “Do you think you’re a good kid?” Noah: “Dad, please. Of course I am.”
  7. “Dad, you always talk about the internet but I don’t even know what that is!”
  8. Me: “Have you gotten to do everything you were wanting to do this summer?” Noah: “Almost everything.” Me: “What did we miss?” Noah: “Just more snuggling dad. And maybe Disneyland.”
  9. “This kid at school is probably going to be a giant someday. I know because he gets taller every time he comes to school. He told me so.”
  10. Noah: “I think I’m the luckiest kid.” Me: “Why is that?” Noah: “Because I have such good brown skin and everyone is jealous.”
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