Every Monday I free-write whatever comes to mind.

I can’t promise you quality. I can’t promise you the feels. I can’t promise you anything, really. Except that it will always be raw, it will always be unedited, it will always be all over the place, and it will always be me. Oh, and it will always be done in my pajamas. Always. Because that’s how I roll.

Hmmm. What to talk about today…

How about… I don’t know… road rage?

I don’t get it.

The whole road rage thing. And I think people who have road rage don’t get it, either. It’s just something that comes exploding out of some people and not out of others.

But why? What causes it?

Is it the anonymity of it all?

Is it the fact that you can act like a complete butt hole, drive away, and very rarely if ever have any consequences?

Is that why they call the internet the superhighway? People act the same way on the internet as they do in their cars sometimes. Scream, and holler, and pound their fists, and then drive away where they can pretend like they are the nicest people on earth to everyone in their real lives… Or something like that.

The other day I was pulling into the supermarket parking lot and didn’t stop at a little stop sign that I forgot was there. It’s in a weird place. I often miss it and catch a glimpse of it as I blow on by.  There’s rarely another car anywhere near that dumb little intersection. But it’s a stop sign. I should be aware of it. Totally my bad.

And that day, another car was at the intersection when I missed the stop sign. We both had to hit the brakes, coming to a standstill.

And… all hell broke loose.

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