maslow-hierarchy-needsBut, when you’re up here, you don’t have to worry about any of that because to get here in the first place, you had to learn how to meet all your other needs anyway. You had to learn how to balance it all. You had to learn how to let go of everything unhealthy. You had to learn to be in love with yourself. But still, in those rare moments when things are completely out of your control, you hold the summit of that hierarchy and trade nothing for it.

Oh, the top is good. From up here, you are able to see much more clearly where other people are in their journeys, and you are able to help them get to where you are.

From up here, you are able to see why people act the way they act, how their unhealthy actions are happening from places of insecurity or doubt, and you intrinsically know much more what you can do to respond in healthy and pertinent ways.

From up here, you are able to brush off the things that have always stung. You are able to enjoy yourself, and your idiosyncrasies, and your weaknesses.

From up here, you are able to acknowledge that you have and will always have weaknesses. You are able to be at peace with your faults and your imperfections. You are able to make light of them so that you can more easily work on them.

When you’re up here, you laugh. You laugh, and you laugh, and you laugh. You laugh about the amazing times, and you laugh about the hard times. The simplest things become funny to you. Life becomes funny to you. How much time you spent “not getting it” becomes funny to you. You laugh, and you laugh often. And why wouldn’t you? Life is funny.

That’s the view from up here. It is a place where you go to bed at night… happy. Your life is your own. You are able to wake up energized and excited. Your life is your own.

Ah, to get here.

This is a place which is so worth the work the journey will take.

But most people aren’t there yet, and most people will never be there. It is too difficult. One must sacrifice “too much”. One must accept many difficult truths. One must confront many demons and ghosts along the way.

Do you know why happiness is so hard for most of us?

Happiness is so hard for most of us because we will not do the things that it takes to be happy.

It is that simple.

We want happiness.

We crave happiness.

We preach happiness.

We chase happiness.

But we aren’t willing to do the hard things it will take to be truly happy.

We just want happiness to exist for us in our current situations and without any big changes. We chase happiness fixes the way we chase diet pills, and just like with diet pills, the quick fixes never work.

Most of us are stuck, as I was for most of my life, somewhere in the middle of the hierarchy of needs.

From that place in the middle, we see other truly happy people, and we want what they have. But we are not usually willing…

Some of us are not willing to give up friendships which we know aren’t as solid as we wish they are. We aren’t willing to push people and family members out of our lives who tell us all the wrong things, and get in the way of our climb to happiness and authenticity.

Some of us are not willing to confront the demons of our past. We bury them. We hide them. We run from them. We let them control our belief of who we are… deep down.

Some of us are not willing to give up unhealthy eating habits, lifestyles, or sex because those things help us to obscure and bury the hard truths about ourselves which we don’t want to face.

Some of us are not willing to set boundaries with those people in our lives who need boundaries.

Some of us are not willing to question the very lives that we were born into. We are not willing to question the beliefs. We fear the search for truth because… what if that search means we were wrong our entire lives?

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