dan-pearce-fitnessAs a society, we need to like EVERY post we see of someone else after their workouts or their active lifestyles.

We need to comment, and cheer, and whoop, and holler.

We need to be excited, and post our victories and our moments getting healthy as often as possible because if we do, and if most of us do, two things would start happening.

1) We will start loving exercise infinitely more.

2) Others will start to crave that positive social interaction they see each of us getting, and they will start to post similar things as well.

We have it wrong, my friends. We shouldn’t be encouraging 9,000 pictures of people’s cats, and then scoff when people share their workouts.

We shouldn’t celebrate and reward pictures of people boozing it up and partying far more often than we celebrate moments of physical triumph.

We shouldn’t skip over the posts of our friends and family members getting out and about and moving their bodies so that we can click like on the next silly meme.


We must encourage everyone to post, often. And if they like, every time they workout.

We must learn that the world we have been viewing is skewed and incorrect. When almost all we see is super fit people posting these types of pictures, we start believing that it is all anyone cares to see. This simply isn’t true.

We must never tie each other’s love and excitement for our fit and active lives to such words as “over-compensating,” or “vain,” or “obsessed.” Those words reflect each of us. Never those we say them about.

And, perhaps more than anything, we must each do our part to change the way society views health and fitness.

It is as much the responsibility of the personal trainers, as it is the 500 lb couch potatoes. It is as much the responsibility of the school bus drivers as it is the rocket scientists.

The reason no one has found an answer to change the obese direction society is going is because those looking for answers are looking at society as a whole, when they should be looking at the only thing that has ever existed… They should be looking at individuals.

When you successfully change the individual, you change society.

When you get the individual more excited about health and fitness, society becomes more excited about health and fitness.

And what better way, in the history of mankind, has there ever been to affect individuals than through social networking?

So, please. Join me. Let’s start sharing our daily victories. Let’s start changing the way the world views these things. Let’s start doing our part to change ourselves, and to help other individuals to do the same.

Will you post your next workout to your social networks? Will you post your next several workouts? Will you commit to showing your moments, and your excitement, all the dang time?

Will you adamantly and publicly declare with me that you are going to be excited about the journey from here on out, and that anyone with a problem can go elsewhere in a hurry?

Will you ask your friends to give you their thoughts on this discussion, and have a real discussion with them that could lead to real support in your very real life?

Will you do your part to make this world better for the next generation? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my great grandkids living on floating chairs on some orbiting spaceship, too fat to do anything but sit there and die.

No. I want them running. And jumping. And dancing. And living.

I really do.

And we can change society. We just have to take a few steps to change ourselves.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. If you need a safe place while you learn to celebrate your victories (big and small) in the health and fitness world. And if you need a place to realize just how fun and exciting getting healthy can be. And if you need a place where real life friends just seem to pop-up all over the place to support you. And if you need a place where you can post a selfie and keep yourself accountable EVERY TIME you workout. And if you need a place where no selling of anything is ever allowed, and no gimmicks or products are ever allowed. And if you need  a place where you can be real and honest. You know… Until you are comfortable standing up in your own social networking worlds… Then come join us in the Single Dad Laughing Health Club. We have more fun over there than you could possibly imagine exists in this realm of life. And no, this is not an advertisement to recruit for the SDLHC. We have 9,000 people there. It is big enough, I assure you. And at the same time, there is also always room for more of the right kind of people. Always. It’s how we roll.

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