Sometimes the truth doesn’t hit me until after I’ve finally dealt with it.

As you know, a week ago I went on an SDL hiatus with a mooshy brain.

I didn’t know why I had gotten to that point. I didn’t really know how I had gotten to that point. All I knew was that I could not sit in front of a computer screen and write even one more word on my blog. It wasn’t brain farts or writer’s block. My head was just screaming at me, telling me things like, “I will f*** you up, mister, if you don’t give me a break and figure some things out.”

So, I listened, mostly because I most definitely didn’t want to get f***ed up by a complex blob of neurological tissue. I prescheduled a bunch of memes posts on Facebook, and I shut my computer down.

And, it was about four days into it when my brain finally told me the truth about why I was at the point I was at.

The truth was… I have bitten off more life than I can chew.

I am a dad. That is a giant time commitment all on its own.

dan-pearce-girlfriendI am a boyfriend. Yes, I’m superbly in love (I’m sure you’ve figured that out by now), and that is a time commitment.

I am a brother. And a son. And a grandson. And an uncle. And all of that is a time commitment.

I have my livelihood to worry about. Single Dad Laughing. That is a major time commitment.

I have these smart phone and tablet apps that I have been working on. Those have been a whole different time commitment than I ever could have expected.

I have the SDLHC. That is a major time commitment.

I have my health, fitness, and wellness to take care of. That is a time commitment.

And, let’s not forget that I have been working my way through all seven seasons of True Blood. That’s a delightfully horrid time commitment, too.

I can’t do it all every single day.

And do you know what I realized during the last week?

I don’t have to do it all every single day.

I can be an amazing father.

I can be an amazing boyfriend.

I can be an amazing brother, son, grandson, and uncle.

I can still have an amazing blog and run an amazing business.

I can still find amazing ways to take care of my health, fitness, and wellness.

I can even still watch the occasional episode of True Blood. And play poker every Thursday. And meet up with friends and family for silly fun.

I can do it all. I can do it all amazingly. I just have to tweak some things.

My boy obviously gets his dad every minute he can.

My girlfriend obviously gets her guy every moment she can.

Those are the two top priorities in my life. By far.

But the rest can be tweaked.

For example, I can write or put together 2-5 posts each week for SDL instead of 6-7. I can retire “This is Beautiful You,” and give myself Sundays off. And… I can write shorter blog posts if I write more frequently. Each post doesn’t have to be three pages long. Some can be shorter. Some can be tiny, as a matter of fact. And we can still have fun, and discuss, and share our thoughts with each other.

Gosh. It seems so silly to me now. The answer isn’t to always fit in everything the way everything has always been done. The answer is to adapt, and do my best with the time I have, and to not let the most important areas of my life slip.

Logic tells me that if I take care of the most important areas and people in my life, the other areas of my life (work, fitness, etc.) will be better and higher quality than if I try to fit it all in without adapting. Logic tells me that if I laugh more in the rest of my life, we all will laugh more together. Logic tells me that if I’m not stressed, my writing won’t be stressed either.

But, as we all know… Logic is so simple to look at from the outside, and it’s such a different beast when it actually involves changing such big parts of myself or the way I do things.

So, I guess my question is, are you (my readers) all okay with that? Are you okay with a few Single Dad Laughing posts most weeks instead of 6-7 posts each week? And are you okay with shorter posts sometimes?

I hope so, because that’s how I have to do it right now. Be-Happy Dan is telling Stressed-Out-Brain-Moosh Dan that this is what I have to do.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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