I don’t know whether to laugh, or cry, or maybe just craugh on my way to the crazy bin…

This was supposed to take 30 days max. This was supposed to be no more than a couple thousand bucks.


I’m not being dramatic. About six months ago, when I was neck deep into the development of the SDL App (another app you still have yet to see), I was telling Noah all about what I was working on, and he blurted out that he *really* wanted to build an app with me. Not thinking for a second we’d actually do it, I asked him what we would build. He was sitting on his bed playing Flappy Bird, and he said, “we should build a Flappy where we are the characters.”

Well. Hm. That couldn’t cost too much, could it? It’d be fun to surprise him with it inside of my SDL app as part of it, I thought. Why not. The SDL app wasn’t going to be done any time soon. Surely Flappy was the easiest game ever created from a development standpoint.

But see, somehow, that escalated into the two of us sitting at my desk with crayons and paper, brainstorming way more fantastic things that could happen inside the Flappy Game.


Soon we had all these amazing ideas for rockets, and coins, and trickier maneuvers, and force fields, and juggernaut mode, and pipe gap spreaders, and giant pipes that suck you in. We got more than a little bit excited about our game, and I hired someone to build it for me.

30 Days Later, the developer delivered the biggest joke of an app I had ever seen in my life. Nothing we had asked for, and a Flappy that just kind of floated across the tops of the pipes without ever going up or down. What the…


Developer fired. Half my money for the app gone.

But we were set on making this game happen, so I found another developer, this time one who had a much better track record for game creation. She promised it in 30 days. We got excited.

And… shoot. That was five months ago.


I cannot even begin to tell you what those months have entailed. First building it for iOS and then for Android. Many late nights discussing things with my developer though quite a language barrier. My developer disappearing at points. Complete miscommunications. Dozens and dozens and dozens of builds to test on nine different devices.

iOS finally came to fruition.

Apple peeps. This game is pretty solid. There are only a handful of phones and a few iPads to make it work awesomely with. Your device components, memory, and innards are fantastic.

Then Android.

Oh, my Android peeps. Do you have any idea how much I have grown to not appreciate your devices.

There are over 7,000 Android devices. All with different screen resolutions and densities. Anyone in the world can slap together an Android device, and development is a nightmare.

For most of you this game will work marvelously. For others of you, well… you’re at the mercy of the device you’re using. Sorry about that. We did our best. And if you find that your Flappy is flying really slow, or doing backflips into oblivion, or jumping off the screen and eating your goldfish crackers (don’t ask me where that came from), just do me a favor. Give us a proverbial pat on the shoulder and say, “there there, they tried.”

I’m doing a good job selling this, aren’t I.


Oh, Noah.

Noah, Noah, Noah. He has been a champ through all of this. He has endlessly helped me test the game. He has been a moral support. He came up with tons of the ideas himself.

Yesterday I told him that the game was finally approved. He literally screamed at the top of his lungs, jumped up and down repeatedly, and yelled, “OH MY GOSH, I REALLY HOPE PEOPLE TRY IT!!!” I could feel the relief come over him the way it finally has over me.

That’s the story. This, along with my other apps (two of which I really hope to show you before Christmas) have drained just about all of my soul from me. I don’t think, in my entire life, I have ever felt stretched so thin.

Do us a favor. Try them out! Give ’em a go!

And try out Flappy Unleashed!

Noah is so excited to see how many of you play it, what the ratings are, and what your favorite parts of the game are. PLEASE, comment on the Facebook link and either show him a screenshot of your favorite part of the game, or tell him what a good job he did. He will be lost in heaven for hours reading those.

It’s done.

Will you download it? It’s been the father & son project that has taken us to hell and back. And we are so excited to let you try it…

There is a free and a full version.

Free version is ad-supported. Full version has 500 bonus coins, costs $1.99 (you’d be our heroes), and has no ads at all.

It’s available for all iOS iPhone 4 and later, and it’s available for iPads.



For Android, it is available for thousands of devices. See if yours is there!



You guys, thank you for supporting us. Thank you, thank you, thank you. These apps are a huge part of keeping SDL going. This is a fun one. The next two are amazing. All the help you can give us in making them rise to the top of the app store, 5 star reviews, and getting the in-app purchases or paid versions of the app would be forever life changing.

I love you all.

I’m going to breathe now.

I haven’t in about 11 months.


Oh… and here is an awesome video Noah and I made last night! He really wanted to tell you all about the game!

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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