Wow. Wow, wow, wow. Yes.

I asked, and you all delivered. This was the post I made on the SDL Facebook wall.


I really did need a laugh with everything going on.

And… I don’t know if it was because of the state of mind I was in, or because of something else, but I really laughed at your replies on this one. So, thank you… It’s fantastically comforting to know that I’m among such epically crazy peeps.

Here are your (amazing) replies.
mad manager

  1. I may or may not have called the company that makes Jolly Ranchers while on bedrest when I was pregnant with my, now 13yr old, daughter. I went off of the poor person on the other end for twenty or so straight minutes while simultaneously bawling my eyes out because I REALLY missed and NEEDED their discontinued Tropical Punch and Pink Lemonade Jolly Rancher Stixs. Like, NEEDED. I have since noticed the Pink Lemonade ones are back in stores. You are all welcome.
  2. Found out my (now ex) husband was cheating on me so I put sardines in the air vents of his car….in the middle of July….in Texas.
  3. When my husband insisted men are stronger than women (childbirth was the topic of conversation), I challenged him to a rock lifting contest in the back yard. I opened the door and let him walk out ahead of me, then promptly locked the door behind him.
  4. Shortly after becoming a single mom to a small child (still in a carry around baby seat) and struggling to do it all on my own, I loaded everything into the car and went for groceries… When I got back to my car in the pouring rain with a full load, I watched a guy pull in on the baby’s side of my car, so close I couldn’t open the door. He got out and began to walk away. I nicely asked him to move so I could get the seat in and he muttered an obscenity and walked away… I managed to maneuver the seat in from the other side, got the stroller in, loaded the groceries, and when it was done I closed the door and stood in the downpour and cried…. Then the evil woman in me quickly took over as I pulled off both of his windshield wipers and tucked them in my trunk and drove away… Smiling. It rained hard for another 3 hours and the closest automotive parts store was a good 20 min walk! You don’t mess with a mama bear
  5. I once took my dog’s stocking down after he knocked over our Christmas tree. That showed him!
  6. I sprinkled unflavored Kool aid packets on my ex’s light colored berber carpet when I moved out knowing full well he had scheduled carpet cleaning 3 days later!
  7. I sent my satellite television provider an email about being wronged and told them I typed it all with my middle finger only.
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