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Buck Neckid. Except for Socks.

I know, I know. I couldn't believe it when I heard it either. Please tell me you're not one of them, too... Let the greatest debate of 2015 begin.

An Open Letter: Would REAL Friends Do That?!

This morning I discovered an atrociousness which has to have been noticeable for at least a month, yet not one person in my life cared enough to tell me...

The Reason People are Disappearing This Year is SAD.

It's the holidays, and that's why everyone is crazy-busy and not around, right?! Well, not always. All around the world this year, people are disappearing...

24 NEW Elf On The Shelf Ideas You Haven’t Seen on Pinterest!

I gotta say... My brother is the MASTER of new and original Elf on the Shelf ideas, and this year he has agreed to share his new creations with you again!

Only twenty bucks?!

The story of my amazing Black Friday discovery, and how I soon learned just how much I NEEDED this thing I didn't really even know existed before I saw it...

That Mom is NOT My Type

First of all, language warning. Second of all, thank you to *this* woman for teaching my child an entirely new vocabulary and way of parenting. Hahaha/Grrrr.

The All-Important, Well-Fed, Giant White Man

My new book is officially here! "The All-Important, Well-Fed, Giant White Man" is a different kind of memoir. Just check it out. I think you'll love it!

If He Was a Snake He Definitely Would Have Bit You

My brother and I played the most epic Facebook prank on our family this past weekend. If you saw our album, then you might have noticed. Probably not. Haha...

How Google Sucked Me In This Week: 15 MORE Unbelievable Pics

Well, last week. Haha. Here is the other half of those unbelievable & amazing photos I got sucked into perusing instead of writing a post for SDL.

I Need a New Word to Be Invented for These Emotions

Emotions. I'm having lots of them right now. And I'm not liking them. But I am at the same time. And I'm definitely not. I need a word for whatever this is...

How Google Sucked Me In This Week: 16 Unbelievable Photos

Once again, Google combined forces with my ADD and instead of writing a blog, I got lost in the depths of the internet. This time: unbelievable & amazing photos.

Where’d That Dan Feller Disappear To?

I'm sure exactly six (and no more) of you have wondered where that Dan feller disappeared to lately. Why hardly any blogs? Well, I'm in hiding, I guess...

My 10 “Rules” to Break in order to Break Free Already!

I made this list with a friend, full of ridiculous or crazy "rules" she could break to bust free of her fear of being judged for having fun or being human...

Coming Out of Anesthesia: Crazy Tales from the Recovery Room

I'm 12-97% sure these things really happened as I was waking from anesthesia after surgery. Oh, and if stories involving erections offend you, don't read this...

A Letter to a Dear Friend (and a Dear Friend to Many of Us)

Just a text that turned into a letter to a very good man whom we just had the chance to help out a bit...

Absurd Things are Done on Ambien Sometimes

This is the ridiculous story of what happened when I took an Ambien the night before Tough Mudder while sharing a rental house with several friends...

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One of *Those* Hugs

Ever had one of *those* days where you needed one of *those* kinds of hugs? You know which kind of hug I'm talking about. Hint: it's not the normal kind.

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