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A Response to a Handful of Mormons who Got So Panty-Twisted

This is my response to the Mormons who read my post about dating Mormon girls and could not laugh about any of it. I tried not to reply, but, urgh... I had to.

My Special Moment with the Flight Attendant

I am a big dude, and one flight attendant in particular kept barreling into me with no apology or even acknowledgement of it. But then... karma happened!

50 All-New WEIRD Confessions

These are 50 *ALL-NEW* overly weird confessions made by everyday people with an anonymous place to tell something they do when they're all alone.

Oh, You Mormon Girls!

Living in Utah as a single non-Mormon has it's *ahem* funny moments. As is evidenced by this real conversation I had with a Mormon girl on Tinder...


Hahaha. I found this post I wrote during a past relationship. This is the pointless and true story of what once happened at 6:00 am to me and my girlfriend...

Pulled from the Truth Box – Week 36

Remember. We're all fighting our own great battles. These are the secrets you've never told anyone. And what everyone else believes is the truth.

Bigotry, Intolerance, and “Morality”

This is a topic I've wanted to talk about for a while: bigotry, intolerance, and the concept of "morality." And how those things are so friggin' connected.

When the World Finally Goes Dark

When the world goes dark. And quiet. And more or less disappears...

Social Media’s Perfect Manicure

This video is from Jill, one of my readers who read this morning's SDL post and had some amazing follow up thoughts which she so kindly let me share with you.

My Old Friend, The Disease Called “Perfection”

I have been struggling, friends. Really struggling. At the root of it all is my old friend, the disease called "Perfection." Today I really need to be real.

Three Awesomely Funny Moments This Week

My week has been chock-full of funny. These five moments (and one heart-pounding moment) from my week will have me laughing for a long time...

“Oh gosh. Many, many years ago…”

After reminiscing about my own funny drunk story, I asked you what the stupidest or craziest thing you've ever done drunk was. Your answers were hilarious!

Parents. If You Are Smart Enough…

A huge problem of laziness and entitlement exists with Millennials and it can be discouraging for parents. But only for those who look at it *completely* wrong!

I just set a big record. For something ridiculous.

What does it say about me if I get so friggin' excited or bummed-out over the same dumbest thing every friggin' day? I don't know, but I just set a big record!

Hey There, Delilah

Wrath. Embarrassment. My big outlaw moment... Delilah and I were meant for each other.

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What Others Think of You is None of Your Business

Oh man, is it ever tempting to dig and poke for the "truth" when we find out somebody else has a negative opinion about us. I'm telling you now. It won't end well.

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