dan-pearce-confessionThis is my quarterly confession session. Because… Humaning is more fun when we all do it together. Take me or leave me in all of my strange and glorious craziness. Life is good.

Here we go…

  1. There was a week in November when I for some reason woke up at about 3AM every night and mostly unconsciously walked down to my pantry and just stuffed my face with food before I would wake up fully and realize I looked like a chipmunk with cheeks jammed full of goodies. I would spit it all out (that which I hadn’t devoured yet), shrug my shoulders wondering how I got there, and go to bed.
  2. One night there was a major wind and light snow storm where I live. The drift from the wind had covered my little driveway with about three feet of snow. After a lot of effort shoveling, I had nowhere to put the remaining snow so that I could pull into my garage, and even all bundled up it felt like I was freezing clean through as I tried to shovel it. So I just pushed it all back into the street and decided to let the wind take it where it would. That ended up being mostly onto my neighbor’s driveway. Oops.
  3. After my breakup, I literally played the exact same sad song, and occasionally one other completely conflicting “I’m free” song, on repeat for about three weeks straight. The sad song (which was about 90% of the plays) was “Draw Your Swords” by Angus and Julia Stone. Then, whenever something victoriously self-liberating would switch in my brain, I’d crank up the Hugo version of “99 Problems.” It was a very Jekyll & Hyde time for me.
  4. I received an email from a passing through reader, chastising me deeply for my writings, telling me that I was a major contributor to the downfall of society. Okay, whatever, I get those sometimes and I usually just delete them. But this particular day I was having just about the worst day ever, and I replied with a picture of me flipping off the camera and giving him my most evil face ever. Oops. Hahaha. I’m sure it’ll spring up on the internet eventually. Sometimes I just hate the conservative crazy trolls so much.
  5. I hosted a little 25 cent poker night with friends. I was having big anxiety for some reason, mostly centered around some relationship stuff that had just barely happened. A guy I hardly knew came to the game and brought his wife whom I had never met. The entire night, he kept chastising her so strongly for every play she made (she was new to the game). That bugged, but not as much as the fact that he preceded every public chastisement with, “I love you, but…” Every time he did it, for some reason his words added to my anxiety big time. I wanted to punch him in the face so badly. Who does that?! Anyway, I was the dealer and I started misdealing most hands, spilling drinks, etc. All of that further added to my anxiety big time. Eventually, I felt a full panic attack coming (something I have only had twice in my life before that) and had to go upstairs with my girlfriend to let it happen and get it under control while my friends wondered where the heck we went. I have no idea what they thought we were doing, but we were up there for a while, came down with smiles on our faces and goofy and silly, so I can only guess. Hahaha.
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