It’s Friday. I hope everyone has amazing plans this weekend that don’t involve sitting inside praying that the cold and the icky air go away.

I like to jot down the funny moments I have so that I always have something funny to go back to when I need a laugh. Sometimes I share them with you all. Anyway, I had three awesomely hilarious moments this week, and one super heart-warming moment…

Moment #1: At my weekly poker night, my buddy Rob made one of his usual smart-ass remarks about what a tool I am because I post occasional workout pics on my social networks. You all remember the reason why I think it’s important we all post those a lot more. Rob owns a boxing gym. He’s a fitness dude. So I love to take workout selfies and send them to him and just to him since it’s turned into such a long running joke between us.

Anyway… Rob made his usual smart-ass remark, so I snuck into the other room at one point and with lightning speed set the timer on my phone and took this little beauty with the caption: “Don’t mind me. I’m just in here working out. Rob likes to know crap like that.” And I sent it to every single person at the table.


Moment #2: I went to the post office to pick up a package since (grrrr…) I didn’t hear the knock on the door when the postman came.

Side note: what company ships big packages via the post office anymore?

Anyway, I was at the post office, and all I was holding was a tiny little package pick-up slip. The guy in front of me had a giant armful of multiple packages and a big stack of envelopes which I’m assuming he needed to get postage for all separately.

He kept looking at me, then at his armful of stuff, then back at me.

“Is that all you have?” he asked, obviously working on some mental struggle.

“Yeah, just a quick pickup,” I replied.

Again he kept looking at his giant stack. Then to my little pick-up. Then to the one employee working the counter. Then back to his stack. He asked again. “So, just the one thing?”

“Yep!” I was mentally willing him to please let me go in front of him.

Eventually we both reached the front of the line. I’m pretty sure he was sweating as he kept glancing back and forth trying to decide if he should let me go first. The panic as he tried to make this decision was hilarious and he wasn’t committing to it. He obviously was in a big enough hurry that two minutes for me was too much for him. I was rather enjoying it.

Just as I thought he might have an aneurysm, another post office employee walked out and stood at one of the empty stations.

And this is my favorite part…

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