Ding ding.

That’s the sound my text messages make every time one comes in. Which is often.

Bongy Dong.

That’s the sound my computer makes when an email comes through. Which is ridiculously frequently.

♫ “Oooh oooh oooooh oooooh.” 

That’s the song my phone plays when someone calls. Which is just often enough.

Boop boop!

That’s the sound  it makes when I get a notification on Facebook whether I’m in a web browser or not.

Dun duh doo dennnn

That’s the sound my phone suddenly scares me with when there’s big breaking news. Which has been a lot lately.

Dong dong.

That’s the sound my doorbell makes when anyone but the UPS or Fedex guy comes over.


That’s the sound my door makes when the UPS guy tosses a package on my porch and runs. Which is practically daily it seems, thanks to Amazon Prime.


That’s the sound my door makes when the Fedex guy comes. I can barely hear it. I think he’s afraid of actually having to see someone’s face when he knocks.


Incoming Skype message.


The fire station is a block away.


The annoying-as-hell stop buzzer at the car wash next door.

Dee dee!

Reminders on my phone.


The sound of either neighbor’s garage door lowering or raising.

“Daddy, daddy, daddy!”

My child. Parents, back me up.

Hahahahaha. Hm. Well…

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