Do you remember Tobi & AJ, parents to seven kids? My best friends? Mother with MS? Dad fighting a ridiculous custody battle? You know, the ones we all teamed together to help out of an impossible situation that they never would have asked for help with?

I hope so. That was such an incredible week or so here on Single Dad Laughing.

Today’s post is an important one to me, and after the apps didn’t get launched today like they were supposed to, I was talking to Tobi and realized a few things about Tobi particularly that I feel a need to share. And believe me, it was like pulling teeth to get her to be okay with this. When I said she would never ask for help clear back last March, I meant it. She can be quite stubborn that way!

So, anyway… Tobi and AJ took our gift to them and actually did start a new life together with their seven kidlets. They finally moved where the Utah winter couldn’t cripple Tobi any longer. She was able to quit her brutal job which had been making things so much worse. They were able to finally bring an end to the nasty blindsided custody battle nonsense that they were dealing with. They were able to take their kids on a little, very much needed vacation. And, they even had a tiny bit left over to give them a safety net when the dust settled.

Now… if you ask me, the most powerful financial gift for an incredible family in real need is one that enables them to fish forever in the future instead of just plopping a fish onto their plates. And so, I asked Tobi to take a huge risk and use what little they had left of what we all gave them, and partner with me 50/50 on a new app which had the potential to really bring in at least some long-term side income each month. And, if the app really were to take off, it would have the power to help them become financially secure in the very long term. And that would just make my heart flutter to heaven in a hurry knowing that she and AJ can always have what they need for raising their kids, and for finding treatment for her disease, and perhaps most importantly, being able to escape life once in a while, even if it just means being able to afford a babysitter willing to take on such a pack!

Anyways, Tobi and AJ took the risky plunge and they partnered with me on the creation of this new app, even though it meant parting ways with what safety net they still had.

You see, I was in the process of building this other app anyway, as something that would be a cool section inside of my new Single Dad Laughing App. And long story short, that idea became so involved and turned into something so friggin’ awesome, that I decided instead that it needed to be an app all by itself.

And we decided to do it. Together.

So there we all were, diving into a venture together with what precious funds we both had left. And a truly incredible app was born from that. It’s called MemeCabin, and the moment the fixed version of the app is approved, I will share it at the same time I share the SDL App.

Now, if I am me, trying to look in your head, I can only think your thoughts are going something like, okay Dan, we get it. Your apps are coming. We already told you we’re on board.

But that’s not what this blog post is about. This is about Tobi and I talking today and realizing something very important.

We don’t want any of you downloading these apps just to support us financially.

Is that weird?

Well, she is stubborn, and I promise you, I am even more stubborn. And we both feel strongly about telling you all that. We honestly do not want you to download these apps just to help us out in some way.

Are we both out of money? Yes. Is it really do or die time for Single Dad Laughing? Yes. It is. I wasn’t telling you that in any inflated way. Would all of you paying a few bucks to disable advertisements in these free apps make a giant difference for us? More than you’ll ever know. Have we risked so much to do all this? More than you can probably imagine. But, and this is what this post is about, we don’t want that to be the story behind these apps.

We really don’t. We took a business risk. It’s not your job to financially coddle us because of that risk. We knew how risky it was when we started on it. The same goes for me with my Single Dad Laughing App. I’ve invested so much time and money and energy into these apps because I believe in the apps. I believe in the value they will bring to all of our lives. No other reason. It is the same reason they did as well.

The three of us built a kick-butt app together. We built an app that every person who has tried it so far has absolutely fallen in love with.

I have stayed awake until 3AM (and sometimes all night) nearly every night for eleven months testing these apps, and adding to them, and building them, and working with developers, and fighting battles, and losing money on bad decisions, and being tossed around like a rag doll in a game I’m still learning it sometimes seems. Tobi has poured hundreds of hours into her part of the job, which is to supply the content to our app forevermore, which includes having a giant stockpile of only fantastic and incredible content already in it when the app is announced. These apps aren’t just thrown together to make a quick buck off of a big following. These apps are built to make life for everyone who downloads them and uses them a lot more fun, and filled with a lot more laughter. We are proud of these apps. We are excited for these apps. We love these apps and we sure as heck will use these apps ourselves!

That is the story we want behind these apps.

We want these apps to speak for themselves once you have them in your hand. Neither one of us feels good about coming across as a charity case to all of you in any of this. We will both be okay and life will go on if none of you download these things. That is the honest truth.

So that’s all.

Tonight I wanted to tell you what the latest with Tobi and AJ and their family is. I wanted to share with you how much we have helped them. I wanted to share with you the reality of where we’re at and why. And more than anything, I wanted to do it now so that when I tell you all about our MemeCabin app I can just be excited about it without telling this whole story. Because… it’s exciting for us.

And I promise. I promise, promise, promise. I am not going to keep blogging about the apps coming. Like I said, that’s not what this post was about. And to save you all one extra blog about them, I’ll be sure to announce them both at the same time. Fair?

That could be tomorrow. Could be in 10 days. I don’t know. It is when it is. The approval of these fixed apps is out of my hands.

Anyways, thanks for listening. I know life is just as super busy for all of you as it is for the three of us. Now… Let’s go have some fun together!

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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