It’s 2:16 AM.

Three hours ago I had two completely finished apps eleven months in the making. Ready to announce in the morning.

Right now I have zero. It all blew up. And now I have to wait to share them.

I could bore you with details. But I won’t. Because right now I wanna cry. Or laugh hysterically out of sheer frustration. Or the best option: be hit in the head with a giant dead Halibut. Or better yet, a live halibut. It’d be more fun than this right now.

My developers accidentally clicked one wrong button and messed up something big time as they fixed a couple things on the servers.

It’s a half hour fix for them. But anywhere from 2 to 11 days for Apple to approve the updated versions of the app.

So… ugh. I’m going to bed a sad boy.

If you already happened to find the apps and download them, well… just ignore ’em until you get the update. They aren’t gonna work even though they were working just hours ago. Haha.

Stay tuned. And maybe someone give me a hug and tell me everything will be okay before I go postal with a giant live halibut of my own. Hahaha.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS… this song works too…

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