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On Monday… In fact, on my way home from that super fun fiasco at the Apple Store… there was this dog. A Border Collie.

She had her head positioned out of the back window of the car in front of me, the unseasonably warm air blowing through her long coat as her owner drove. I had my own window down letting that same warm air blow through my own mop of hair.

We all came to a stop at the next light. Another car pulled up alongside the car with the dog.

The Border Collie stood with her head completely motionless, her neck craned as far out from the car as she could manage, and she was staring down the passenger of the next car over. This light is always a long light. Three minutes at least. And the dog just stood there forever, not moving, not blinking. Just staring. Intently.

The woman next to her noticed, and rolled down her own window. She said hello. She started saying cute things to the dog. She started talking in baby talk. And still the dog stood, still and emotionless. Staring.

“Oh, come on, don’t you…” were the next words out of the woman’s mouth. But she didn’t finish her sentence.

The Border Collie, still without moving a fraction of a budge in any direction, let out an extremely short, powerful, woof. Then went back to her statuesque glare. There was something eerie about this dog’s stare.

The woman was not prepared for the woof. The moment the woof happened, she screamed out this high pitched yelp, and I saw her visibly leap in her seat. Had there been a sunroof, I’m sure she would have landed on the hood of my car. She looked at the dog with huge eyes, didn’t let go of eye contact, and slowly rolled up her window without another word. And still the dog stared.

And I started laughing.

But not just a literal LOL. I began belly laughing. And I could not stop for a good five minutes. And let me tell you, that is a long time to laugh hysterically without any control over when you’re going to stop. By the end, the back of my head was pulsating with strain. My eyes were bloodshot. My stress was all but gone.

It wasn’t the dog that did it. The dog was simply the trigger for something greater. Indeed, it was… everything. It all became so ridiculous and funny to me. The crazy problems I’d been working to fix, the lack of sleep, the thing that happened at the Apple Store, the unexpected money spent. It all was… funny.

And that damn dog. She had no idea just how funny that was. Or maybe she did. Haha.

When I finished laughing, and wiped the moisture from the corners of my eyes, I just shook my head and smiled for the longest time as I kept moving ahead on my journey. Life was good. Life is good. And I suddenly remembered that.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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