They are here and they are finished! Both apps! Oh my gosh, I am so excited!

And now I shall go check myself into a loony bin where I don’t have to pretend that I am still sane. Hahaha.

Anyways, please download these apps today! You will LOVE all the amazing entertainment, hardy laughs, they will bring into your life! I’ve included links to all of them at the bottom of this page (you can skip straight there if you wanna).

There is the all the new Single Dad Laughing App. It’s SDL like you’ve never seen it before!

And there is the MemeCabin App I made with Tobi & AJ. Because an app like this just needed to exist!

I could write and tell you all about them. But I decided to actually tell you all about them in the following videos. Of course, some of you don’t like videos, so if you want you can go to the next page and read the video scripts. You’ll just miss all of the ridiculous facial expressions, accents, and weirdness that is me.

Oh, and the third video is really short; it answers a lot of the questions many of you have been having about how best to support me with these apps and help me save this big, weird thing we call Single Dad Laughing.



And, this video tells you (you know, if you’re interested) what you can do to really help support these things. Spoiler. The biggest two are to simply use the app and to, maybe, possibly, pretty please pay a few bucks to remove the ads? Hahaha. That’s going to make the biggest difference of all.

Oh my gosh. Do me a favor and help me make sure everyone sees this blog post would ya? Go like the link on Facebook and comment? And even better, post a screenshot of one of your favorite parts of either app into the comments of that Facebook post? Seeing those would make everything leading up to this SO worth it. You know… to see what you all love!

Today a new direction and a new venture starts. I am so thrilled to be doing it with all of you.

Now… to the loony bin I go.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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